List of Sony Upcoming cameras 2017


Sony Upcoming cameras 2017 – When 2015 was about to over we had a lot expectations from Sony to see some fresh and updated announcement in 2016…but unfortunately, the Earthquake of Kumamoto shattered all the speculations and hopes of the Sony users that brutally affected Sony’s production up to a considerable point. The world knows Sony is the giant sensor producer that not only develops sensors for themselves, but also a rich supplier of sensors to other cameras and phone manufacturers at the same time. However, just after the Earthquake, Sony recovered very quickly and Spring back into their shape after being fatally compressed, which is truly commendable. Earlier, many times (just after earthquake) some speculated that X and X Sony cameras are on the way and would be announced soon, plus many times rumor mills created their own roadmap that we would be very lucky to see the announcement of long anticipated cameras. But in the middle of this Chaos, Sony announced a long awaited and photographers’ most favorite second version of Sony A99 i.e. Sony A99 II. Unluckily, there are numbers of cameras that have been hanging on the rumor hanger.

Even after seeing hard side in 2016, Sony announced a few incredible cameras including Sony A6300, Sony A6500 etc. and left a few cameras to be introduced in the New Year, 2017. What are those cameras let’ see…

Sony Upcoming cameras 2017

Sony A7III

sony-a7-iii-cameraBefore we go further to tell you more about Sony A7III, you should know that this camera’s shipping will be in Q2 of 2017 (March to June). Well, according to all the rumors so far, the A7III may come with new 24MP sensor and improved AF system and dual SD card slot (?). When we know that Sony will start the A7III shipping in Q2 of 2017 then we can expect its announcement probably at CP+ Show in February..

Sony A9 image

Sony A9- We have been seeing this gossiping over the web for long enough that a new larger body camera that may also feature Resolution around 70 Megapixel sensor is coming soon. Sony A9 will be a completely new camera from Sony, which has been in the headlines for a period of time is highly expected to be the camera that may have large body and also may boast 70MP sensor. Moreover, duals SD (or XQD) card, unlimited RAW recording are also rumored to be implemented into this desire model. However, at the same time we cannot say it confidently it would be Sony A9 or Sony A7III to feature this extraordinary specifications.

Sony A77IIISony-A77-IIUsers are just waiting for the update and the good news for them is that Sony A77 III is on the roadmap for 2017. The Previous Sony SLT A77II was announced back in 2014 with gorgeous specification that features 24MP APS-C sensor into the core, plus this Sony camera also has magnified and faster AF system etc. This time also it is rumored that the Sony A77 III camera is rumored to come with the same 24MP sensor, but we can see a big jump in the other core specs like an advanced and updated AF system etc…. etc….


Sony Alpha a7S II The current Sony A7S II is groundbreaking Mirrorless E-mount Camera with Full-Frame Sensor, which is mostly regarded as one of the best lowlight camera of the present time. Unfortunately, we have not seen any specification related to upcoming Sony A7SIII until now, however, the camera is on the roadmap of the upcoming Sony cameras but we are yet to confirm if it is coming in 2017 or we need to wait for 2018? By the way, specifications are not available over the web, but we can atleast put our own expectations related to its specifications so here is our own expectation on Sony A7SIII. We hope Sony is thinking seriously about A7S III camera.

Sony A5300

Sony-A5100-Mirrorless-camerAt first you should know that its predecessor Sony A5100 was already discontinued, which clearly leads us to think that its successor must come shortly. No… if you are thinking accordingly then you may probably be wrong. Well, if you take your eyes to all the past rumors related to Sony A5300, then you will very likely to know that Sony delayed the announcement since they used huge amount of sensors to accomplish the needs of Sony A6300 users. Ok, then when A5300 will be announced? Actually, according to the rumors it is unclear if Sony wants to continue this series or they will continue the Sony A6000 as entry-level camera since Sony recently announced its “Grey version” in Japan.

Sony RX5

Sony-RX1R-IINo much information we have until now about this Sony RX5 camera, but based on the latest rumor Sony would like to keep the same sensor, touchscreen and connectivity of Sony A6500 inside the core of currently under development APS-C sized fixed lens RX5. AF system (As Sony A6500?), which means 4D FOCUS with 425 Phase-Detect Points.

And last but not the least…

RX camera with Sony’s 101 Megapixel medium format sensor (We don’t know if Sony will introduce it in 2017?)

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