Is Nikon D760 Coming Very Soon?

Nikon D750Once we published a list of upcoming cameras of Nikon and you can see here that Nikon D760 also included into the list. But Why it looks like Nikon will introduce the successor of current Nikon D750 camera very soon? Recently, the price of current Nikon D750 has been slashed brutally($600) that clearly indicates that Nikon wants to clear the stock quickly by selling their almost two years old product so that they can stock their upcoming product. However, they have not mentioned anything about Nikon D760 camera, but still we are pretty sure that Nikon is offering a massive discount on Nikon D750 camera only because Nikon D760 is on the way and will be introduced very soon. Honestly, $600 is a big price and we should understand the Nikon’s business policy.

Screen shots – slashed the base price of the camera to 696, actual MRP price of the camera is $2,296.

Nikon D750 996

Screen shot of B&H Store – Nikon D750 body price $ 1,996696 Nikon D750

Screen shot of Amazon store – $1.696 price tag

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