Is Canon 1400D/T7 coming in 2017?

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We took enormous time to decide whether to write this article or not, but finally we thought it to give it space so that the people or photographers who have been waiting for the most anticipated entry-level DSLR camera Canon 1400D (?). At the time, while we are writing this article we can’t exactly tell you if it could be Canon 1400D or something else, but if we look it sequentially then 1400D is the appropriate name at the time (Canon 1100D, Canon 1200D, Canon 1300D).

We have a lot of speculations regarding this upcoming 1400D and last time we also published our expectations with 1400D. Actually, 1300D was announced back in March 2016 with some outstanding core specifications that lets it to achieve the position in the list of best entry-level cameras at attainable range. However, its specifications are up to standard that are capable to satisfy the users with its dramatic imaging performance, but 1300D was drifted downwards when Nikon released D3400 into the market in August 2017 all due to its electrifying specifications. The specifications inside the core of Nikon D3400 are matchless and the users’ feedbacks are also supportive towards the effortless and unobtrusive performance of the camera. On the other side, comparing the two cameras as per the specifications we can see that Nikon D3400 comfortably outperforms 1300D in every section.

Canon 1300D offers you 18MP resolution, whereas Nikon D3400 utilizes the effective pixels of 24 MP plus 3400 also has a bit bigger sensor size than 1300D. As a result, razor sharp images with incredible details can be achieved while shooting with this Nikon stuff.

However, both the two cameras manage to offer you Full-HD video, but here again Nikon D3400 is making its way by offering (1080p @60fps, whereas Canon 1300D allows you to record 1080p@30fps). Nikon D3400 os able to provide continous AF support while recording full HD videos, but the 1300D camera is unable to do so.

Click here to see the full differences.

It was just a little discussion about the major differences between two cameras. Now the biggest challenge for Canon is to emulate Nikon D3400 in almost every section at any cost if Canon want to retain their position in the entry-level market. Means they have to modify the level of camera and have to offer some advanced, civilized and much updated specifications plus at the same time they should have control over the price as well that must be within the reach to the entry-level shooters.

In the end, we speculate Canon should announce this camera within the end of this year, but most probably they could announce it in the September, 2017, and if not then it would be a serious setback for Canon.

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