HP’s New Sprout will change the way you work with computers

hpsprout1We are all familiar with the all in one computers that have brought massive changes into your working place and style. HP has taken one step forward and introduced a new personal computer called the Sprout. Sprout is also a member of the all in one family but what makes it different is inclusion of a system of 3D cameras along with a large touch pad and a projector that beams a display onto the touchpad. With such unique features sprout is presently the one of its kind in the market. Now working with photos is fun and easy.


Sprout eradicates the traditional input method by using keyboard and mouse rather it now uses a “blended reality” system that takes the input through the touch screen and touchpad. The 3D cameras and projector together creates a system that converts 3d objects of our world into 2D objects for the computer. It features a 23” LCD screen which can be controlled by the users fingers and with just a few touches it can project the image onto the 20” touchpad. Further the projected image can be controlled and retouched onto the 20” touchpad itself. Additionally it includes a special pen that edits the details of the image.


The camera featured with the sprout can capture both 3D and 2D images. Given is a detailed video that introduces you to the sprout and shows ways to interact with the image on sprout.

Shipping for sprout will begin from the next month with a price tag of $1899. However to know more about sprout you can click here.

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