How to take Mountain Photography?

Are you one from those who love taking shots of beautiful, black and Tall Mountains around you? If you are, then this article might be very effective and helpful for you that let you know so many things regarding how to capture stunning shots of those mountains, Pine trees near around, rivers and so many natural beauties in a single pic. Anyway, Mountain shooting is a bit challenging task and the most challenging is when you have to shoot the wide Mountains with tall Pine trees, but

We have some effective tips. Have a look

1. Location first

Choose a perfect location from where you can get stunning shots of the scene. It is very important to select the area or place that has the best thing to offer or get captured in the camera. You have to search the ideal location for great landscape. For example, the foreground of the image should be attractive that considerably captures viewer’s attention. Other thing you can do to find best location to shoot with the help of Best shooting Location finder app.

2. Composition (Wide angle and telephoto)

The next thing you need to do is careful composition (Means shot selection) so that you have maximum possibility of getting best shots every time. You have to select the shots between wide angle and telephoto. But most of the time shooting mountains is done with using the wide angle lenses. For instance, you have to take the shots of Long Mountain range covered with tall Pine trees then wide angle lens are just the ideal. But when your shots require details then Telephoto lens is the muster choice that gives you rich saturation of the selected subjects from distant shooting.

3. Equipment (One DSLR, Two lenses – lephoto, ultra wide angle lens, Tripod)

So what are the equipments your backpack should carry while heading towards Mountain shooting? Perhaps you need one DSLR, Two lenses – One is telephoto and the other is wide angle, as we have mentioned above. And the next crucial equipment that might be very effective while shooting the mountains is Travel tripod, of course. Yes, as we all know the role of tripod in the field of photography is that it keeps your camera very stable and lets you take blur free and crispy images since you may also have to shoot at the sturdy or rough surface.

4. Filters

If you are not shooting in the golden hours (Before sunrise and after sunset) then don’t forget to keep Filters inside you backpack. Yes, the photographers who love to take the shots of mountain in the peak Hours use Graduated ND filters that amazingly reduces contrast difference between the sky and ground, plus slash the amount of light enters into the camera.

5. Finally the Safety

Since you are not a mountaineer who loves go adventurous. So you should head towards with all the necessities that you urgently need in that particular moment.

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