How to solve the overheating issue of Sony A6300

Sony-A6300Just after more than one month of the announcement of Sony A6300, we already published that Sony A6300 facing Overheating Issues and also have extracts of some of the users who have faced overheating issues during photography:

“Sadly pros can’t even rely on the A6300 as a B-camera due to the overheating, especially not for any kind of live filming or interview work at all.” (eoshd)

“Unlike my a5100 where i could just turn the switch on/off and it would just keep on shooting with a6300 if i turn it off and on the message appears again that it overheated and the camera shuts down. waited no kidding 3-4 min and turn it back on… same isssue turned off in less then 1 min.” (dpreview user forum)

“Got my a6300 as a “B” camera to my a7SII on March 11. I’ve used it exactly 4 times as a “B” camera while shooting the main footage with my a7SII workhorse. All 4 times, the a6300 went into overheat mode and shut down about 20 minutes into filming…. and that’s not 20 minutes of continuous recording either, just being on.” (dpreview)

Since most of the users already complained it’s overheating during video recording as well as in stills mode. And also such overheating issue was uncommon for Sony as we know the overheating issue was also attached with some of its models like Sony a33 and Sony a55.

But for those users who has already purchased the Sony A6300 camera they can take the help of a video posted by That1cameraguy to slower down the overheating problem as well as increasing the 4K recording time. The one thing showed in the video is Smallrig Camera Cage for Sony A6300/A6000 which the guy mentioned a better relief for camera from overheating.

Before I had the cage, I would charge externally while having the battery door open and screen out. The camera would still overheat after about 2-3 sessions of 30 minutes. However, once I got the cage, charging externally and using the techniques that I mention in the video, I was able to get through 3 hours. I’m guessing theirs some variation on the cameras which give varying results.

While such mentioning process is not a permanent solution of overheating issues related to camera and also for that the users have to invest $74.99 for Smallrig Camera Cage, which is not perfect from my opinion. So, we expect Sony will definitely take a quick and fast action to solve the overheating issue either by fix the overheating issues via firmware upgradation or recall all the cameras and short out the problem related to it.

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