How to Shoot Macro With Point and Shoot Cameras



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Macro imagery is something that everyone loves and shooting macro requires some skills, but if you are not aware of it here is a tutorial on how to shoot macro with compact cameras.

  • The very first thing you need to do is check the modes available in your camera and from the list there, select macro often symbolized with a little flower. Once you select this the camera system will automatically make the adjustments (for ex. selecting a large aperture) for you as it will come to know that you want to shoot something that is quite closer.
  • Macro imagery is all about details the more details are available the better your shoot will appear. So in order to get highly detailed images it is necessary that you must keep your camera stable, hence using a tripod is highly recommended.
  • When you are shooting in the macro mode your camera won’t allow you to make much adjustment in the cameras setting but you must check it once as several cameras offer you to make changes even while shooting in a particular mode. If your camera allows you to adjust the aperture of the camera you must select a large aperture i.e. a lower f stop for getting a shallow depth of field that only focuses on the main subject.
  • Keep your focus concentrated on the subject. If your camera allows manual focusing, focus on the point that you want to reveal the most.
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Image Courtesy: Paul Tridon

  • Keep the background simple or non-cluttered as this will reveal the point of interest more.
  • Try to use maximum light available, in order to produce highly detailed images. Most of the compact cameras have a limited source so it is recommended to shoot in daytime or you can use any other external source of light. Keep experimenting with the lightning conditions as this may result in some brilliant shots.
  • Shoot multiple shots of a particular subject with different settings of aperture focus and lightning every time. This will give you an idea of what is most suitable for that particular image.
  • Several accessories featured with some compact cameras are useful while taking macro shots. It may allow you to enlarge your subject or decrease the minimum focal length available. These all are worth using while shooting macro.
  • While shooting macro it is important for your camera to be stable so sometimes while pressing the shutter button the camera shakes and the image quality is affected, so using a self time in such conditions will surely help you.

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