How to Hold a Camera

The most basic step of photography is holding the camera. One who is holding it for the first time might fell strange while shooting. Inappropriate handling results in blurry image, color bleeding etc. defects. The most common problems occur while shooting in low lightning situations where the shutter speed is low. While shooting in such conditions use of a tripod is recommended but sometimes the conditions not allow the use of a tripod.

Here in such situations when one is not able to use a tripod, knowing the correct way to hold a camera will surely help them.

Image Courtesy:  Yogendra Joshi

Image Courtesy: Yogendra Joshi

Here are the ways to hold a camera with your hands:

Finger: you must grip the camera body with your right hand and place your index finger over the shutter button. You must check that you are able to press the shutter button without losing the grip of the camera.

Hand: keep the camera body stable in your left hand in such a way that with the left arm fingers you can adjust the lens barrel.

Elbows: for more stable shots you must tuck your elbows into your body.

While using viewfinder the camera body stays touched to the face and it provides extra stability to the image. While using camera’s LCD display one must check that the camera is not placed much far from the photographer and you should tuck your elbows into your body. The expected distance between the camera and the body should be 30cm.

You can use the surrounding objects for extra stability, like you can lean to a wall or a tree for extra support and if no such objects are available you can kneel down for extra stability.


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