How to clean Image sensor of Nikon D5600

Nikon D5600

We know very well how sensitive is the Image sensor in any camera. So cleaning work of camera sensor is however not a daunting task but requires a lot of careful attention because one little mistake can lead your camera to a very serious zone. Well, you are also a Nikon D5600 user who wants some handy cleaning steps for cleaning the image sensor of D5600. Look at our step by step tips and get you cleaning job done effortlessly.

Before we go further you should know

1. Why lens cleaning is required?

Photographers usually clean the lens to remove the unavoidable dust and dirt particles to keep the images from being looked cloudy. Normally, during photography sessions a photographer takes hundreds and hundreds of different subjects’ shots and within this specific moment to find desire subjects for shooting one has to pass through many areas, so it’s inevitable that the lens must be attacked by dusts, because dust is everywhere. Also, a photographer arranges his camera setting too often according to the required situations is another cause that the lens becomes appear oily (due to get touched by oily hand) that may also the result in an unattractive bokeh.

Eventually, lens elements are very sensitive and a little ignorance can bring the minus results, but you can keep it well by cleaning it attentively time to time, whenever required.

2. Steps to clean the Nikon D5600 Image Sensor

1. You can see a clean image sensor option in the Setup menu of D5600 where clean now option is available. Now using the clean now you can clean the camera sensor anytime or cleaning can be performed automatically when the camera is turned on or off.

Note: Flashes in the viewfinder and other operations cannot be performed while cleaning actions are on progress. The power button of your camera should remain connected when the cleaning works are on progress (Don’t disconnect the power button during this cleaning time).

2. Select an option Highlight an option and press OK  Choose from Clean at startup Clean at shutdown Clean at startup & shutdown, and Cleaning off


Actually, auto-cleaning in the camera is done with vibrating the image sensor that sometimes not sufficient to clean the whole dust that strongly stick on the image sensor and affecting the image quality very badly along with your precious shooting time. When the auto cleaning is failed then the next option is cleaning the camera sensor manually.

3. Manual Cleaning

As we already told you that image sensor is highly delicate and easily damaged so must recommend you to visit the Nikon-authorized Service centre. But there are many Nikon D5600 users who determined to clean the image sensor on by own. So here are out tips…

  1. Battery of D5600 should be fully charged before begin the cleaning work
  2. Put off the button of the camera and safely remove the lens
  3. Select Lock mirror up for cleaning Turn the camera on and highlightLock mirror up for cleaning in the setup menu and press (note that this option is not available at battery levels of or below)

4. Now press OK

5. Press the shutter release button down. The mirror will be raised and the shutter curtain will open and image sensor will be visible. However, it is highly risky work to press the shutter button continue for long while. So in these types of cases we can use remote shutter because it prevents you shutter release from getting damaged.

6. Examine the image sensor very carefully. Hold your camera in such a way that light falls on the image sensor so that you can easily notice the dust or lint.

7. Now clean the dust of the sensor using blowers (Click here to see best blowers at very normal cost here). Don’t use the brush.

8. Finally, when the cleaning action is over turn off the camera so that mirror will return to the down position and the shutter curtain will close. Now integrate the lens again on the camera

If you are unable to fix your issues even after following our step by step methods then we must recommend you to visit the Nikon-authorized service Personnel, but don’t touch or wipe the camera sensor from your hands even by mistake.

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