How to buy DSLR camera?

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Here we are giving a few effective tips to those who want to buy DSLR for the first time and for those also who wants to know what to check before buying any DSLR camera because these are highly expensive and if any issue unluckily comes out, may give you a chance for disappointment. So, better to know everything deeply about any DSLR before you make it purchase.

The first DSLR is often act as a base  camera for enhancing your photography and start-up of new you

Which kind of photographer are you?

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Which kind of photographer are you?  What is the motive or purpose to own DSLR whether for professional use or for general use, is a big question. Because it’s true that whenever you go to camera store the common question you will be asked is the kind of photography you want to do.

In general it doesn’t matter that how many compact camera or advance smartphones you have used till now, the DSLR will uplift your photography experience to a new level

You have to buy DSLR + Lenses

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Don’t only count the price of DSLR, lenses are also important and you have to buy them separately

Price– Price is the key factor because the high end DSLR sometime costs much more than one’s expectation. The other reason why price factor matters to us because you just cannot shoot only with the camera body a lens is also required including some chief accessories and those may cross your budget. So, you have to set a fixed range upto which you have no problem in sparing your cash because for best shooting you have to own every important accessory like tripod, additional batteries, memory cards, filters, flash etc.

Size of your Next Camera

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size of the camera is very important, DSLRs are heavy and bulky compared to compact camera and smartphones

Size- DSLRs are larger in size and heavy in weight unlike the mirrorless camera but not all are. If your main desire is to use the DSLR while you are in go then a bit lesser size will be a wise choice. However, DSLR sizes vary between one another so choose that will better fit to you. Sometimes, Bulky size of DSLR may trouble you carrying it to all you desire shooting locations.

Canon high res DSLR

Resolution- There is a race among the manufacturers to provide maximum resolutions in the camera system whether it’s DSLR or point and shoot camera. If you are from those who don’t like any compromise taking the picture quality then choose the high resolution DSLR with big sensor size, Canon’s 50.6-megapixel EOS 5DS and 5DS R models, for instances but at the same time see your budget.

Video Features- Better if you get DSLR that can record full HD video of 1080p for sharp and rich detailed images. Nowadays, almost every DSLR offers full HD video recording so that you can make a perfect video shooting with this DSLR camera.


It’s very important to select right lenses for your camera, native or may be third party

Choose lenses- Choose a perfect lens for your camera body because if you use any other lens that doesn’t suit your camera then issues will be simply visible. You can easily fit any suggested lens in your camera body using any good adapter and get you shooting done with passion.


Still there are many features that one has to consider while buying any DSLR including ISO, wifi, LCD, AF system, image stabilization etc.

ISO range must be good that is helpful while shooting in lowlight conditions whereas WIFI is for quick sharing your file with your friends and acquaintances. Consider a larger screen LCD and image stabilization which is also called the vibration reducer means there is an appearance of unwanted camera shake while you are shooting and that shake can be minimized with Image stabilization to provide you neat and clean images means blurfree.


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