How Lightswitch Work? – A full Video tutorial by the creator – Jason Miney

Do you want to use neutral density filters for you photographs, but don’t know the correct way to fully utilize it? Well here is an upcoming product “Lightswitch”- a filter holder system that allows you to do the same. The lightswitch is designed by Jason Miney and he also uploaded a 5min. tutorial video that teaches you how to use it.

jason 1

Lightswitch can hold the different sized filters into it allowing the users to get reduced light up to 30 stops. The lightswitch has a very simple single body design and can fit onto any camera lens eradicating the use of any other piece of metal or tool to fix it.

However the lightswitch is currently not out for sale in the market as it is still being tested by several professional photographers, so that Miney and his team could get the final reports and make last-minute adjustments.

jason 2The starting price for a single filter holder is $265, while you’ll have to pay $1525 for two holders of your choice along with a handmade bag by Porteen Gear , the filters and a workshop hosted by miney himself.

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