High ISO Test: Canon 80D vs Nikon D500


After looking at this ISO test you can surely believe that Nikon D500 is simply one of the best lowlight cameras of the present time market. However, Canon 80D does have also stunning specifications and its base ISO is also amazing, but its look bit feeble for lowlight photography compared to Nikon D500. Read the details below…

Look at their results at ISO 6400

Canon 80D vs. Nikon D500 High ISO test                                    Canon 80D                                                                     Nikon D500

Canon 80D vs. Nikon D500 High ISO test 25600                                      Canon 80D                                                                    Nikon D500

when we take one image taken by Canon 80D and Nikon D500 at the ISO 6400. 

Now look at the above images and it is easily noticeable that Canon 80D failed to impress the photographers who bought it for lowlight photography. On the other hand, look at the image snapped by D500, truly excellent, the camera doesn’t miss to grab the details part of the subject, even when the light is very low. Probably, Canon 80D has better base ISO, but when its ISO ranges are extended differences are easily noticeable.

When we take the same image taken by Canon 80D and Nikon D500 at the ISO 25600.

The ISO 25600 is the final range for Canon 80D, but at this range it seems like Canon is making its way. Just look at the images it looks like Canon is also able to acquire the detail portion of the image, but noise is still visible on the image. On the other hand compared to Canon 80D, the Nikon D500 produce images with lesser noise even at the ISO of 25600. If you try to find out the overall conclusion, obviously Nikon D500 is brilliant camera that can deliver professional quality of images even when it is used in negligible amount of light.

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