Hasselblad upcoming camera -Analysis

Hasselblad-X-panRecently Hasselblad announced two medium format cameras 100MP H6D-100c capable of 4K and H6D-50c with 50MP 43.8 x 32.9mm CMOS Sensor. Since there is no much difference between them .The biggest differences of these two cameras are their video recording capability and the image sensor but sporting the same shutter speed of 60 min to 1/2000 sec. Since after the announcement of medium format cameras there is expectation that Hasselblad will target the prosumer market with the announcement of the upcoming portable camera in coming days. Since these are the current information we shared.

Now Photothunk has analyzed all the details at its own way about the Hasselblad vision about the current situation about the upcoming cameras:

“Let’s think about what has to be in the design brief for whatever it is H has in the works:

Must fully embody Hasselblad’s brand and look the part. Strong branding, which implies 1) strong design notes from Hasselblad’s history, 2) an imaging system with perceived very high quality.

Object of desire/Status symbol. Therefore portable, sleek, beautiful. Broadly desired. Not a camera for camera nerds, but a mass-appealing (but not mass-available!) imaging system. Purse-sized, one hand-sized. Slick user experience, social media, cloud connected. Phone-like ease of use. Friction-less photo/video sharing.

Allow me a flyer here. A small camera, with excellent but not earth shattering technical specs. Definitely does video.

Design notes: leatherette+chrome/cube/space for a clearly visible logo/slanted-rear screen, non-removable lens that is nonetheless obvious, prominent.

Size: easily held by one hand, about 300 grams.

System: Touchscreen, syncs with app on your phone (NFC/bluetooth?) for seamless “one-touch” (or nearly) connectivity.

Price: $5000 US.”

So these are the analysis which is definitely based on the famous brand, reputation, Hassleblad’s history of high quality of imaging system. And if we do have faith on this analysis, than it will be definitely a positive thing for Hassleblad as well as for the huge mass of photographers associated with the caompnay.And we do also hope they will never repeat the lunar mistake again.

Hence, we are definitely waiting for the portable cameras and more for this reputed brand in coming days.


Via :-Photothunk

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