Fuji’s next camera will be Fuji X200, X-E3 and X-T20 (Upcoming cameras)

fuji-X-100TPhotographers must be desperately waiting for the Photokina show, which is to be held in the month of September 2016, because they know that is the international event where the camera and lens makers display their new and inventive products to the Public. But, we have a lot of rumors and information that there are a lot of imaging stuffs that have a chance to announce either before Photokina Show or after this event. For instance, Sony, their main aim was to introduce some nice cameras at this photographic event (Photokina), but an unexpected earthquake of Kumamoto badly disturbed the Sony’s schedule and until now it’s not reliably confirmed if Sony has any camera to be announced at Photokina event or not. After all, we have already written a few rumors and new roadmap about Sony and most probably, we may lucky to see the announcement of Sony A9 camera till the end of 2016.

Back to to the topic, It was only an introduction, but actually, we are writing this content to involve in a little discussion with your opinions about the upcoming cameras of Fuji. Well, recently we saw the announcement of Fuji X-T2 camera and if we have to say honestly about this camera then we will just say it bright and radiant. Of course, you can see that Fuji added such massive specifications like 325 AF points and the most favorite is the inclusion of 4K video feature to impress the photographers in nice way. X-T2 is now registered in the page of best mirrorless cameras of current time.

Fuji X200

What the next camera to be announced by Fuji? We tossed our expectation and we find the successor of Fuji X-100T will be the next camera in the announcement pipeline (must be in the Photokina show?). However, Fuji has just completed its line-up of professional APS-C mirrorless camera (the name included X-pro2 and X-T2) and the next biggest announcement from Fuji will be Fuji X200 (X-100T successor) at Photokina in September. Fuji X-100T was announced back in 2014 and we hope Fuji will introduce it incorporating improved specifications. So far, we don’t have reliable specifications of Fuji X200 despite of rumors, but it will be the last camera from Fuji for 2016.

Fuji X-E3

Fuji-X-E2sAs soon as we enter 2017, we can get another biggest surprise from Fuji that is the announcement of Fuji X-E3, which is expected to be announced in the Q1 of 2017, since its predecessor, X-E2S, was announced back in 2013 and the camera is pending for replacement for long time. According to our expectations, this upcoming camera of Fuji may have same core specifications of X-pro2, but missing hybrid viewfinder and other few essential features to trim-down its cost.

Fuji X-T20


And the last and biggest announcement by Fuji will be X-T20 that maybe in the Q4 of 2017, probably in December; will be the trim-down version of current X-T2 camera by having the same sensor and AF system.

In the end, if you have any queries and answers regulating in your head do share with us…

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6 comments to Fuji’s next camera will be Fuji X200, X-E3 and X-T20 (Upcoming cameras)

  • Cesare Cannavò

    You are absolutely correct, Fuji order is also exactly same as you have mentioned, but you forget to add the 1″ sensor based Compact camera in your list. 🙂

  • MukeshSer

    @Cesare Cannavò
    Do you work at Fuji ?

  • Cesare Cannavò

    No But I <3 X Cameras

  • Carvalho

    Will X-E3 have 4k video? (it must)

  • Thomas A

    There will allways be new cameras in the future and Fuji have already told us with the new T2 and Xpro 2 that the new versions of t10 and ex2s will come. In the late december 2017 perhaps a new T20 will be even better than xt2 but in 2018 you will probably se a new XT3! And the show goes on!

  • George

    I have read several detrimental comments about Fujifilm F1.4/35 mm lens specifically in comparison with its new cousin F2/35mm.
    I own it and find it sharp all over frame from about F2.8 and extremely sharp at F5.6 and more.
    Surely it is very sharp at 1.4 in centre with softening towards the corners.
    But we are comparing two very different lenses.
    When compared with Zeiss, Leica, Nikon and Canon lenses of THE SAME specification, Fujifilm is about the best performer of them all.
    My example, used on X-E2 focuses quickly and produces sharp imago, with an excellent bokeh.
    F2/35 is a different animal. It may be sharper at F2 and may focus faster. And, of course, it is cheaper to make, so cheaper to sell. And it is new.
    By all means, if you need very fast focus, accept lower f number, want wether protection and cheaper lens, buy F2/35.
    But I do believe, F1.4/35 is a very competent performer and about the best performer in its class.
    It would probably focus faster with the new X-Pro2 and X-T2.
    I am not a professional photographer, rather an advanced amateur.

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