Fuji X200- Our expectations


A bunch of rumors that are speedily circulating over the web regarding Fuji X200 suggest that this Upcoming camera of Fuji will be announced mostly at Photokina, 2016 in September. So far, we know is that X200 is going to be the successor of Fuji X-100T, but do you have any guess or expectations about those specifications that camera will possibly feature? Probably a lot or most are according to the current rumors hanging online. Well, the current and its predecessor camera Fuji X-100T is almost two years old, which was announced back in September 2014 around Photokina and again Photokina is a away month from us and we hope Fuji must show us its announcement at that world’s largest trade fair for the photographic and imaging industries, Phtotokina in September 2016.

It is also believed that Fuji has no other camera to announce in 2016, excluding X200. Anyway, come to the point. The last camera of Fuji was Fuji X-T2 and due to its bright and radiant specs the camera is able to earn a lot of grievances and appreciations from the professional photographers around the world. Also, with the announcement of this camera Fuji finished it APSC mirrorless line-up (other is X-pro2), so now their next target must be X200.

If we talk about the specifications of X200, then better to begin with its resolution and sensor. And of course what we expect is that the camera will feature 24.3MP APS-C X-trans CMOS III sensor. Yes, you read right, Fuji X200 will keep its sensor like its acquaintance X-Pro2 and the same refined X-processor pro to its processing engine. Now we come to viewfinder, it looks like Fuji will integrate a new kind of viewfinder into their new camera system, but at the meanwhile the possibility is also high that X200 could use the same viewfinder as X-pro2 does. Furthermore, Fuji X200 should integrate the same Hybrid AF system and same 273-AF points exactly as X-pro2 and we hope Fuji will obviously do this.

We are sure that most of the readers may ask the question then why should we go to buy Fuji X200 when it is just a prototype of X-Pro2? Then we must say that X200 will have the 4k video recording feature, which you miss in X-pro2.

In the end, we should tell you that these are just only our expectations regarding Fuji X200 and nothing more, a camera all the Fuji lovers avidly waiting for. Expectations may vary from person to person and also according to their experiences, but only time will tell. Fairly speaking, we want to see much more upgrade than our expectations.

So keep your eyes out here and share your precious opinions with us-  you are always welcome.

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