Fuji X200 may be introduced in 2017


It was September 2014 when Fujifilm announced their X100T and the lens was a FUJINON 23mm F2 lens. And now according to Fujirumors, the successor of X100T that is Fuji X200 will be released in 2017, but at what point in 2017 is still unconfirmed. It’s also rumor that successor of Fuji X100T may come with a newly developed 23mm lens fixed lens.

Hardly, a month ago Fuji completed its line-up of professional APS-C mirrorless camera by launching X-T2 (other is X-pro2). So, it’s heavily expected that Fuji would like to finish the year by announcing X200, which must be the last camera for the year.

The accurate reason why Fuji X200 announcement gone delay is the impact of Kumamoto Earthquake. Actually, Sony develop Fuji X-Trans sensors and their production has been badly damaged by this Earthquake.

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Update– Actually, as per the latest rumor (almost confirmed), the name of the X100T successor will be X100F, but unluckily nothing more information about the camera have come into light. So we would like to suggest you to put your wait on hold for couple of months more.


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