Fuji X100F, Fuji X-T20 and more…coming this month


What would you like to see in 2017 by FujiFilm? Most of the Fuji fans and users must reply something Big and effective announcement. Well, 2016 is over — the year in which Fuji brought one after another incredible cameras with extraordinary features, such as Fuji X-T2, X-pro2 etc and the most big and influential medium format GFX 50S is a 51.4 megapixel medium format mirrorless camera

Alright! You might already have seen our list of expected Fuji cameras to come in the near future if not then click here. Once again, we have come with updated and new list of the cameras according to the anticipation of the reputed rumor mill.

Silver X-T2

Fuji-X-T2 Many of you may wonder about this Silver X-T2 camera! Actually, it’s the same Fuji X-T2 that Fuji announced in September, 2016, but the camera has black color. You should know, at first, Fuji had planned to announce both the black as well as silver version on the same time and Platform, but due to some reason (still unknown) they changed their mind and decided to launch Fuji X-T2 in some other time. So, Fuji must give priority to this camera and keep it in the front side of the announcement list for 2017.

Graphite X-pro2

X-Pro2-coming soonThe story of Fuji X-T2 is also repeated with this X-pro2 of dark-grey version (graphite). It is the same Fuji X-Pro2, which was announced almost a year ago in Feb, 2016, which means it grey version will be launched almost after a year! However, X-pro2 features a high resolution 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor and more. Excitingly, Fuji will also announce Graphite XF23mmF2 WR along with this Graphite X-pro2 in January, 2017.

Fuji X100F

Fujifilm-X100T-side-imageFuji X100F is the one of the biggest announcements we are all waiting to see. Its rumors are constantly popping up on web and according to the rumors so far… the X-100F may hire 24MP X-TransIII sensor from its acquaintance Fuji X-Pro2 and its expected announcement time is January 19, 2017.

Take a look at the specifications so far:

  • 24MP X-TransIII
  • OVF/EVF Lever will have an integrated button
  • No Tilt Screen
  • Dedicated shutter/ISO dial
  • Joystick
  • X-Processor Pro
  • Front dial
  • 23/2 lens
  • NP-W126(S) batteries


fujifilm-x-t2The Trim-down version of the massive Fuji X-T2 is also set be announced in this very year probably at CP+ show. However, the scarcity of rumor is still going on related to this rumored camera, but X-T20 has high possibility that it will hire its elder sister’s (Fuji X-T2) sensor and AF system.

Other stuffs we see positive to be announced in 2017

  • Kaizen Firmware
  • XF80mmF2.8 1:1 Macro
  • X-E3
  • XF33mmF1.0
  • XF200mm
  • XF8-16mmF2.8
  • 3 more G-mount lenses for Fujifilm GFX
  • Lenses with Clickless Aperture
  • Profoto (&Co) Fujifilm support


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