DSLR vs. Mirrorless

The competition is vastly serious between DSLR and Mirrorless cameras in the world of camera market. One side, DSLR cameras have gained huge users all around the world who are showing passionate love of shooting with DSLR camera. On the other side, Mirrorless products are innovative and technically excellent yet smaller are desperately chasing the DSLR market from every side.

How both of these cameras are separate from each other let’s see…

Size and weight– DSLRs are relatively larger and heavier in size than mirrorless cameras, whereas mirrorless cameras are smaller and sometimes easily to carry around. The actual reason that DSLR is larger in size because the DSLR incorporates both mirror, prism as well, but mirrorless cameras simply means they don’t have mirror equipped inside as well as prism for viewfinder, which reduces the weight and size dramatically.


So, many times we see that photographers use a handful amount of nice words for their DSLR camera with the only downside is that bulky weight that sometimes doesn’t allow them to carry it wherever they want. Sony’s mirrorless cameras are just excellent and their main motive is to construct a camera system, which is technically excellent yet smaller and lighter. For instance, Sony A7R II, a remarkable camera that offers the users brilliant specs including 42 mp resolution, 5-axis image stabilization, Full frame sensor too and don’t forget its creative 399 AF points, but the things that amazes us more is that even after offering all these incredible specification the camera is maintaining its weight amazingly (625g). On the other side, if you take, Nikon D5, a DSLR camera, then you can see that this camera is much weightier than Sony A7R II even the specs are unlike Sony.

Sensor sizes- The one question that strongly strike our head whenever we talk about APS-C sensor sizes is do the sensor sizes of DSLR like Nikon and Canon are looking feeble infront of the Mirrorless cameras’ sensor size? Camera manufacturers like Nikon and Canon have been using the APS-C and Full- Frame sized sensor in their DSLRs from very begin, but when we picked the camera like A7S, A7, A7R and A7-II and the A7RII of Sony the difference will easily be understood.

camera sensor

Image 1

The images produced by these mentioned cameras due to the advanced technology inside them for instance, stacked CMOS sensor used by Sony gives you tack sharp images with very little noise even if used in lowlight conditions.

AF speed-  As we have already mentioned that mirrorless cameras are now becoming advanced, as you can see the recent Sony Alpha cameras are using  Hybrid AF system (Phase as well as contrast) like the DSLR. However, if we turn our head a couple of years back, we will find the statement is so true that DSLRs were the only choice if any photographer searched a camera for better AF results. But now the time is completely changed. Camera manufacturers are in the race to release refined and unique products everytime to gain maximum users immediately and that maybe one of the causes that mirrorless cameras are blooming in a purposeful way.

What is the difference in today’s mirrorless camera and earlier day’s mirrorless camera? Earlier doesn’t means we are talking about the thirty to forty years back. You can simply see the difference just by seeing the camera that was released a couple of years back. Earlier mirrorless cameras didn’t use phase detection AF points, these were only based on contrast detection AF system and the cameras with contrast detect system can focus the subjects accurately, but much slower than the phase detect sensor that is the biggest issue with the mirrorless camera systems. DSLR AF system depends upon the type of senor used by the camera, but in general, the sensors used inside Nikon DSLR are traditional contrast detect sensor and they don’t have built in phase AF system like Hybrid sensor. The phase AF system of DSLR is active only when a photographer is using the camera viewfinder and when he switched to display the contrast detect system gets activated, and the same concept is also used while capturing video form DSLR.

We feel better to mention that Sony’ s A6300 and A7R II are the camera that bears hybrid AF system as well as their AF points are 425 and 399 respectively, which means these cameras can push the DSLR camera vigorously away.

Video sections– The entry level DSLR as well as mid-range DSLR shooters don’t have the choice to record 4K video, because the DSLR manufacturers like Nikon and canon has yet to add the 4K video features in their entry level DSLR cameras. If a photographer wants a DSLR camera with 4K video option then one has to buy High-end DSLR cameras such as Canon 80D, 7D mark II or Nikon D500. But this is not with the case of mirrorless camera as you can easily buy a mirrorless camera that gives you 4K video option like Panasonic GX80 and GX8.

DSLR video

mirrorless videoImage 3



Image 2

However, high end DSLR offers 4K video options but, in practical, many photographers around the world accepted that even the 4k video shooting can be stunningly done with High-end mirrorless camera, because the advanced video settings, adjustable video RAW recording format in the mirrorless camera such as GH4 is still the first choice of the videographers as well as the cinematographers.

Why shooting with mirrorless cameras is better compared to DSLR cameras?

In my personal view shooting with DSLR is bit paining because DSLRs are heavy and their lenses too, hence while shooting for hours anyone can get serious hands pain while holding 1+ KG weight, whereas Today’s lightweight and compact mirrorless cameras with power zoom lenses are easy to hold and doesn’t create any serious pain to your hand due to its lightweight.

So, in this way mirrorless cameras is astonishingly surpassing the DSLR systems in the video quality too.

Battery life- Clearly, reward goes to DSLR camera because there battery is so powerful that you can take almost thousands of shots at a time. Whereas everything is ok about a mirrorless camera but you just can’t go for maximum shots at a single charge because there battery is not so sturdy. So, additional batteries must be inside your shooting bag, when you go  shooting with Mirrorless camera.

watson battery

Price– If you take Sony A7R II and Nikon D5 camera for price Comparison then you can see that in price of Nikon D5 you can buy Sony A7R II camera plus couple of lenses. Ultimately, Mirrorless camera offers you the best at an attainable price.

In the end, Still there are a lot of things to be mentioned but these were all their primary difference, so read it and expand your photography knowledge.

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