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We have a collection of some fabulous eBooks for different kinds of photography or in other words you can say these eBooks are the precaution measures to hone your photography visions and skills.

Digital Photography Basics- The book is looking immersive for the budding photographers, a book that makes you realize the presence of a photo instructor infront of you. The book holds 294 pages and more than 11 chapters with extensive detailed guide to improve your photography

The-text-book-of-digital-phDownload the book now


CRAFT & VISION 1– Inside this book the 11 chapters that faithfully help you to get through all your desires to improve your photography skills .


Get the CRAFT & VISION 1 e-Book 

The practical articles of this book written by David duChemin, Piet Van den Eynde, Andrew S. Gibson, Nicole S. Young, Alexandre Buisse, Stuart Sipahigil, Eli Reinholdtsen, and Michael Frye.




The books of 45 pages with 45 inspirational articles through which a photographer will learn quickly how to become a professional photographer. Including the fabulous thing like making sharper images, learning to shoot in manual mode, developing smarter, balancing flash with ambient light, learning to see light, developing style and consistency, isolating your subjects, experimenting with black and white, and coping strategies.

Ten- First of all you should know why this book is so popular because the way book described the learning process how to be a good photographer without using maximum gear.


The book packs the ten various techniques and abstract ideas that is widely used to improve photography’s work.

Ten more-

ten-moreget Ten More

Again the author of ten by David duChemin. This book will offer you the ideas how you could learn more and more techniques without splurging more cash on buying different gadgets accessories etc.

Insight from beyond the lens

beyond-the-lensInsight from beyond the lens

The Book for those who loves landscape photography. Insight from beyond the lens that simply defines the innovative way to success in the landscape photography.


15 Incredible Bird Photography Tips for Beginners by Prathap-

bird-photography 15 Incredible Bird Photography Tips for Beginners by Prathap

You know birds are one beautiful creature of nature. The birds embark freely in the sky can free you of all tired so this is the book who really loves the birds and to capture them in the images not the real life then this book is ready to justify with your photography skills and visions.

The Adorama Guide To Sports Photography by Adorama-

adorama-sports-photographyThe Adorama Guide To Sports Photography by Adorama

Suppose you’re sitting in a football ground with your camera and you want to snap the shots of a few actions of your favorite player but, sometimes finding him in a static position within the ground is rare. So this recommended books to freeze all the actions of the particular player or a book for all kinds of sports events.

Going Candid by Thomas Leuthard-

going-candidGoing Candid by Thomas Leuthard

To become a best street photographer one needs persistence, he should have knowledges of so many things so this ebook  if you give a read to it once then you would come to know equipment, workflow and post processing .

31 Days To Overcome Your Fear Of Shooting Street Photography by Eric Kim- 

31-days-overcome-fear31 Days To Overcome Your Fear Of Shooting Street Photography by Eric Kim- 

If you find a bit fear for your street photography inside then this book will be precaution measures. It is mostly the beginners who are shy in natures and nervousness during street shooting can easily be seen on their face. So recommendation would be follow this book and you can easily overcome through your all obstacles.

Lighting 101 by David Hobby-

lighting-101Lighting 101 by David Hobby-

This eBook succeeded to secure its best place because the books simply defines the way  using off-camera flash in your photography. The book sounds one of the best eBook related to advanced artificial lighting techniques.

The Adorama Guide to Getting Started in Studio Lighting & Backgrounds by Adorama

adorama-lighting-backgroundThe Adorama Guide to Getting Started in Studio Lighting & Backgrounds by Adorama

If you want to build your career in the studio then you need to be master of knowing lighting and studio backgrounds and the book is something what you actually need. All the topics related to the selecting and using light sources and choosing studio background.

8 Types Of Natural Light That Will Add Drama To Your Photographs by Anne McKinnell-

8-types-of-natural-light  8 Types Of Natural Light That Will Add Drama To Your Photographs by Anne McKinnel

Sometimes, due to insufficient natural light you face a bit more problem in shooting, but shooting in the presence of natural light can add some quirk to your photography. But this book is one key to understand how you could better use of the natural light just read the and apply the 8 rules in your photography.

Exposure Blending: The Complete Guide From Camera To Process by Christopher O’Donnell-

exposure-blendingExposure Blending

You could get all the solution of the exposures problem through this eBook. Including perfectly-exposed photographs, auto-bracketing and advanced exposure blending techniques in adobe Photoshop.

Lightroom 5 Quick Start Guide by Victoria Bampton

lightroom-5-quick-startLightroom 5 Quick Start Guide by Victoria Bampton

This can be called a must have book for the digital photographers. So this eBook will give you a space to acquire knowledge in yourself with Adobe Lightroom 5.

Collecting Souls by Thomas Leuthard

collecting-soulsCollecting souls  by Thomas Leuthard

Street photography is the basic topic of eBook This book will motivate you in every steps of photography by instilling confidence in your brain through which you can feel the photography is your real passion.

Urban Exploration Photography by Neil Ta

urban-exploration-photograpUrban Exploration Photography by Neil Ta        

If you want to seize those buildings which have been pulverized due to some undesirable conditions but you don’t know how to take it well then this eBook is the best book to give the well start of all these things. The books consists Fundamentals of urban exploration photography and where you also can find the recommended equipments for all these.


photographers-guide-to-copyThe Photographer’s Guide to Copyright

How you will keep your work safe and sound, just get through this book. This book has come with some sound knowledge of problems related to copyright.


camera-buying-guide-v5The Camera Buying Guide

What necessary things to keep in mind while you go for a new camera either it’s digital or compact. This eBook will provide you true knowledge and so will not be duped.


textbook_digital_photography1-150x150The Textbook of Digital Photography-

This ebook hold over 270 digital pages and a great book to provide all the required concepts you need for a successful DSLR photographer


food-photography-ebookHow to take stunning food photos

Do you know the way to snap the shots of the food in handsome way so that watching your shots viewers can’t resists the water from their mouth. Just read this book and you could do this.


9-motivational-essays-bourneNine Motivational Essays on Photography, by Scott Bourne

When you see that you are getting down towards your photography then open this e-Book where you could have some motivational stories. Through which you can get inspired and always feel yourself straight forwards.


Untitled-1Set Up Your Own Photoblog, by Nancy Messiah-

You have to broad your mind with a lot of different knowledges related to cameras, photography to open your own blog. If you show any gaping holes in your blogs regarding the information about the particular topic then your blog will not be awarded with the swarms of readers. This eBook by Nancy will be a weapon where every knowledge and idea are flowing regarding this blog opening.

Untitled-2 Bicycle touring photography-

The book contains some unique contents related to photography while you’re cycling.  Written by Paul Jeurissen I think this book will help in a wide extent if you love photography and cycling then no problem you could do both the things hand in hand.


Untitled-3Introduction to External Flash Photography

A little eBook contains only 9 pages and you can acquire sufficient knowledge about the external flash photography. Flash indoors to using bounced flash, it covers every important area. In every section you would have some different flavors to read and the best part is you can easily understand the languages.

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