Cleaning Tips For Your Cameras

Image Courtesy:  Vernon Chan

Image Courtesy: Vernon Chan

Camera lenses are one of the most expensive and useful gears that you never want to lose. Here are few ways by which you can clean you lenses and prevent dirt particles from entering into them and hence increasing the quality of the image.

Before stating the ways I’d like to share few thoughts:

Lens cleaning must be a regular task for the users but not too often, you must clean your lenses only when you find it dirty.

Do not be in a hurry, take your own time and do the task calmly with proper attention.

Use only high quality materials for cleaning the lenses and do not apply much force onto the lens as it may result in negative results.

Last but not the least, prevention is better than cure, you must use your lenses carefully and avoid shooting in worse conditions. So you can use an UV or ND filter these prevents your camera light from being affected by the harmful rays and also acts as a barrier for the dust particles trying to enter into the lens. It also keeps your lens safe from scratches and marks.

Lens cleaning fluid:

In the market you can find an alcohol based lens cleaning fluid that removes the fingerprint marks and smudges from the lens or from the filters. Just pour a little fluid on a cleaning tissue and wipe it gently onto the surface in circular motion and the marks would be gone. Precaution: don’t use much liquid and never apply the liquid directly on the surface always use a cleaning tissue or cleaning cloth. You can also breath on the lens surface and wipe it with a soft cloth (cleaning cloth recommended).

Cleaning tissues and cleaning cloth:

It is recommended not to touch your lens surface with naked finger, you must use a cleaning tissue built with a very thin paper that does not brings scratches onto the surface. One cleaning tissue must be used only once.

Else you can use a cleaning cloth that is built of a modern microfiber. Unlike the cleaning tissues these could be washed and used again.


Blowers as very the name suggests it blows air onto the lens surface and with the air flow the dust particles get off from the surface. It is recommended that you must squeeze the blower a few times before using it onto the lens.


While dealing with a lot of dust on the camera you can use a soft haired brush (camel hair recommended).

Silica gel:

Put silica gel sachets into your camera bag as it will absorb moisture from the camera environment and saves your lens from getting affected by it.

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