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Steps to Photograph the Milky way

One of the finest parts of the photography is taking the shots of Galaxy, twinkling stars of dark night and the beautiful Milky way. We are here trying to give you some mighty effective steps for Astrophotography (basically the milky way), such as “what are the equipment and accessories you should have with you inside your backpack? what is the

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How to take Mountain Photography?

Are you one from those who love taking shots of beautiful, black and Tall Mountains around you? If you are, then this article might be very effective and helpful for you that let you know so many things regarding how to capture stunning shots of those mountains, Pine trees near around, rivers and so many natural beauties in a single pic.

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How to take sharp images

Most of the time we see the photographers (mostly the beginners) directly blame their cameras and lenses for getting poor quality of images. But is this fair? We loudly say No! You have to believe that you just can’t get Razor sharp images from a High resolution or any expensive camera. For getting sharp images in almost every shooting condition there are a few

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How to Shoot Landscape Photography

Here we are giving few tips and tricks on how to shoot Landscape Photography, which will definitely helpful for you during capturing landscape images. First of all, the better situation for landscape photography is the sunset’s period, when most of the photographers are waiting for such attractive look when Sun puts its golden remark on the sky with its low angle

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Thing to do after buying a new lens

70-200mmIt is habitual getting excited to use any brand new thing when we buy it for the first time and if it’s expensive then it’s our responsibility to carefully use it for our specific reason. So, just the same thing is in the case of new lens. It’s suggested by the expert photographers that to become a productive photographer one has to inspect

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Good photography in bad light conditions

lowlight photyographyImage

Performing photography while the amount of light is very negligible is not a simple task for any photographer; however, your camera can snap the subjects in those conditions too, but the most unwelcome issue will be the image quality that may not be upto the standard. This is the major issue that a beginner face with

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Beginning photography Equipment

Choosing all the essentials gears at a single time is a bit difficult task for the beginners since they are completely new to the vast chapter of photography world. In general, photographers learn everything gradually about the photography and with passing times and constant shooting the photographers become expert in that specific field. But, it is somehow necessary to consider a few useful equipment so that they face no problem while shooting in the beginning stage.

Let’s see, what those necessary tools are?

Beginning photography Equipment

Camera- Camera is the first thing with which you can begin

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Why are some camera lenses so expensive?

Getting standard lenses at an attainable price is although a difficult task. However, there is variation in the lenses prices, a few cost much lesser compared to other lenses, the cost of the lenses basically depend upon the type of glasses used inside it, bright aperture lens will cost you more and average aperture lens will cost you normal. But the most important thing is that you should know if the lens is supported by your camera body or not. So, what is the actual reason that a few lenses comes under the expensive range.

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Must- Have DSLR Accessories

Is this the first time when you are going to shoot with the DSLR camera or the first DSLR camera you bought? Then OK, before you packing your bags and head towards the shooting sites, we would like to suggest you the few important accessories that you should keep with you and get your shooting done stunningly with your first DSLR camera.

Must- Have DSLR Accessories

A camera bag-

RuggardMust- Have DSLR Accessories

How to clean SLR camera lenses

lens cleaning

Image 1

Usually, photographers use their own way to clean their expensive SLR camera lens, but it’s also true that sometimes they are very careless towards their lens cleaning. For instance, a photographer is unnecessarily cleaning his lens even when cleaning is not required, only with the hope that he would get the

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