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Canon 850D Rumor

Canon have covered almost all the major announcements for 2016 except a few such as, Canon 6D Mark II and Canon SL2. However, highly anticipated Canon 6D Mark II will be announced shorty. Its confirmed set of specifications are floating on the web. SL2 -The other rebel series’ camera from Canon is also.

Well, you are here to read the rumor regarding the Canon

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Flagships on Next Photokina

More than a year to go for the next Photokina that is to be held in 2018 (25th-30th Sep). One of the biggest photography events around the world where numbers of Flagships cameras get announced alongwith new lenses and other accessories. Now let’s talk about what are the Flagships camera we would be lucky to see in the next Photokina event. However, we don’t know what

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Olympus PEN-F firmware 2.0 has serious bug

Recently, we saw on the web that users are talking much more about the bugs related issue in Olympus Pen-F Camera, probably, one of the trending topics in different photography forums.

According to the users, Olympus Pen F is massive camera but when updated to the firmware v 2.0 the bugs, such as camera freezing randomly, quite few times camera automatically locked up during photography session. However, this gnashing issue on Pen F camera goes for the

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Nikon D610 successor will be Nikon D650 (?)

We are in huge dubious state by taking the hot case of Nikon D610 successor. Actually, looking at the going trend of Nikon it looks like successor of Nikon D610 will be called Nikon “Nikon D650” (why?). Let us take you a year back when we all were speculating the successor of Nikon D300 must be D400, but surprisingly, Nikon gave

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Sony RX100 VI- Our Expectation

Here we are sharing our thoughts and expectation of the most wanting Sony RX100-series compact camera Sony RX100 VI. The announcement of its predecessors namely Sony RX100 IV was on 11th June, 2015 while the other camera Sony RX 100 V was announced on 6th October, 2016. So, after seeing the punctuality of Sony for the yearly upgradation of its predecessors, we

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Canon G5X Mark II- Our Expectation

Canon G5X Mark II

Canon G5X Mark II

As we know Canon G5X was announced on 13th October, 2015, and now everyone is waiting for the announcement of its successor Canon G5X Mark II. Till date, Canon has applied the strategy to update its compact camera in the interval of 1-2 years of its announcement. So it is normal to expect the announcement of the successor Canon G5X Mark II.


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Canon G7X Mark III – Our Expectation


Canon G7X Mark III – Our Expectation

Much more Canon G7X Mark II users who experienced the ease and magical performance of this camera are now waiting to go for a desperate update. But the question is will Canon announce the Canon G7X Mark III (G7X Mark II successor) very soon? Let Canon fix the

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Sony A6700 – Our Expectation

As we know the predecessors of the upcoming Sony A6700 namely Sony A6300 announced in February, 2016 and after that Sony A6500 was announced after six months in October, 2016. We also recall how Sony A6300 faced the overheating issues just over 4K recording and after that Sony A6500 comes with clean chit when it was tested the overheating issues comparative

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Is Canon 1400D/T7 coming in 2017?

Canon 1300D-Best memory cards, filters and bags

We took enormous time to decide whether to write this article or not, but finally we thought it to give it space so that the people or photographers who have been waiting for the most anticipated entry-level DSLR camera Canon 1400D (?). At the time, while we are writing this article we can’t exactly tell you if it could be

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Our Expectations with Canon 90D

Canon-80DWill Canon 90D be the successor for current Canon 80D or Canon choose other name for Canon 80D successor? Since no sound, no rumor, no information regarding the successor of Canon 80D is appearing online. So we are keeping our Expectations with Canon 90D in the hot side of discussion. However, it will be just our expectations and nothing more.

Canon 70D

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