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Nikon D650 Coming [Rumor]

Nion D650 camera coming

We have been told, Nikon next entry level fullframe camera name will going to be Nikon D650. Few prototypes of the Nikon D650 do have record 4K video recording option.

The source is new, but the info look logical to me.

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Canon SX70 HS Talk


Is Canon willingly taking itself apart from the High Optical Zoom race? This question looks much fair and relevant since Canon’s only camera with leading 65X zoom lens Canon SX60 HS was released back in 2014 is due for a an update and Canon doesn’t look alive and spontaneous to work further to bring a powershot camera with High Optical zoom lens. Meanwhile, different rumor mills have tossed their expectations on its arrival quite innumerable times but eventually they are all vaporized. When Canon announced SX60 HS three summers back, was the

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Nikon D3500- Our Expectations

If you check out the list to find the name of some best Entry-Level DSLRs then Nikon D3400 must be in that list. Yes! Nikon D3400 is outstanding entry-level cameras at an attainable price tag. Most of us know or see, Nikon usually update their cameras in every two year and Nikon D3400 was announced back in 2016, August. So we believe its successor

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Olympus E-M1 Mark III – Our Expectations

We know it is too early to write our own expectations on the upcoming Olympus E-M1 Mark III, but we are too much curious to know your own expectations and wish list from you. Well, beginning with the question “will it introduce 6K?” Seems an insane question, but Olympus EM1 Mark III is not going to be released anytime soon so there is a possible chance

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Canon 7D Mark III – Our Expectations

“Will the upcoming camera be 4K enabled?” You may have noticed is probably the most trending question on the web of recent times. Is the anticipated 7D Mark III coming with 4K or will remain limited to Full HD? Is absolutely a fair question since the newly announced 6D Mark II – A Full frame camera that comes in $2K range doesn’t offer 4K,

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Upcoming Fujifilm Medium Format Lenses

Take a look at the list of Fujifilm Medium format lenses that is expected to arrive in late 2017 or maybe in 2018

GFX 80mm f/1.4 GFX 180mm f/3.5 GFX 30mm f/2.8 or GFX 35mm f/2.8 GFX 20-40mm f/4 or 4.5 GFX 80-180mm f/4 or 4.5 GFX Tilt-Shift 30mm or 35mm

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Nikon D850 Coming this Month

Nikon D810 replacement is rumored to arrive at end of this Month and the camera will going to carry high resolution 46 megapixel full frame FX format sensor.

The name of the cameras and confirmed yet so it can be called Nikon D820 or maybe D850

Take a look at the specification of the camera The camera will be called D820 (D850 is still a possibility) (Continue reading Nikon D850 Coming this Month

Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC G2 – Still waiting to be announced?

Earlier, it was expected that the Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC G2 lens would come along with newly announced 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD, but announcement didn’t take place. So a rumor that rapidly circulates on the web is “will Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC G2 lens be announced along with Canon 6D Mark II on 29th July? Unluckily, it is still a question since

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Nikon D7600 Expectations

Before we begin our article based on our thoughts and views we must ask you what is your expectation with the next version or successor or upcoming Nikon D7600? Perhaps you have your own wishlist with you but we are a bit tensed with the name if it is really going to be Nikon D7600 or we get to see any other name when the camera

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Canon 850D Rumor

Canon have covered almost all the major announcements for 2016 except a few such as, Canon 6D Mark II and Canon SL2. However, highly anticipated Canon 6D Mark II will be announced shorty. Its confirmed set of specifications are floating on the web. SL2 -The other rebel series’ camera from Canon is also.

Well, you are here to read the rumor regarding the Canon

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