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Best Camera of 2017

What if we list Sony A9 as the best digital camera of 2017 and give Canon 5D Mark IV a post of “Best professional Full Frame camera”? Reasons are crystal clear. Actually Sony A9 has been newly announced Mirrorless camera that viably conquers large territory from the predominated DSLRs like Canon 1DX Mark II and Nikon D5. Sony A9 – A monster that comes with staggering 693 AF points (not in any other DSLR and Mirroelss of current time). On the other hand, Canon 5D Mark IV manages to earn maximum number grades from the

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Best Mirrorless Camera 2017 – Under $1000

For the last couple of years the Mirrorless cameras have been continuing in the race to improve their slim down statistics. Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Olympus are tirelessly on the work to bring remarkable products to the market and some of their products are twinkling in the peak position that bravely challenging the Roaring DSLRs from Canon and Nikon. But we all know that when a camera packs massive specification inside its core the price also jumps automatically more than the attainable range. To be honest, Mirorless cameras give you great features that might emulate even

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Best Nikon Lens for Sports Photography

Here we have some great recommendation for sports photographers who love shooting with Nikon stuffs. By the way, Nikon have incredible lenses in their arsenal, such as AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR, which can be used as the ultimate lens for Sports shooting. Let’s talk in detail discussion about the lenses.

During sports photography what you basically need is the Focal Length then speed and consistency. Well, come to

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Nikon D7500- Best Rain covers and Camera Bags

As we have already posted articles about the Nikon D7500, such as specification comparisons, review and recommendation etc. Now we decided to recommend you some of the best rain covers available out there and Best camera bags so that you can carry numbers of useful gears at a time to your desire shooting locations. By the way, Nikon D7500 has weather sealed body but if you still require tight

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Nikon D7500 – Best Batteries

When you go outside for shooting you need to keep some extra Batteries for you DSLR so that you can complete your entire photography session without any long break. So what are those batteries or powerhouse that lets you keep shooting on for hours and hours. Let’s check out.

Nikon EN-EL15 Lithium-Ion Battery (1900mAh)

Nikon D7500 – Best Batteries

Nikon D7500 – Best Tripods

Once again we are here to tell you some of the best tripods available for Nikon D7500. As we have already done its Specification comparisons, Best lenses, Memory cards and some of the Best accessories for Nikon D7500. Well, let us introduce you once again with Nikon D7500 – Nikon D7500 is DX Format camera comes with ISO 1.64 M as Nikon D500 and its

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Sony A9-Rain covers

Though, we know that Sony A9 is Magnesium-alloy body design, making the camera lightweight and durable, and also weather-sealed for use in trying environmental conditions. But still there are many often we see despite of weather resistance camera it doesn’t protect itself from rain and ultimately get affected, resulting in technical issues in camera. So we decided to recommend you some of the best rain covers for your

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Sony A9 – Best Tripods

Sony A9 image

Tripod is something that keeps your camera very steady while shooting so that you can capture shots very confidently. Well, we are here to recommend you some of the best tripods for Sony A9 available out there. Until now, we have We already have specification comparisons, best recommended lenses, Adapters, Memory cards etc for Sony A9. Now take a

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Sony A9- Best Video Cine Lens

We have already completed our specification comparisons of Sony A9 with its all possible competitors available around. You can also see the best lenses for Sony A9, Memory cards etc. Since Sony A9 is totally a professional E-Mount camera that offers you record 4K videos @30fps. Well, in this article we will suggest you some of the best cine lenses you could use trustfully with Sony A9. On

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Best Adapters for Sony A9

Since you are a Canon and Nikon user who have a plenty of EF and AF-S lenses in your arsenal, but now you are eagerly making your mind for recent announced, Sony A9 alright?. Then congratulation! But if you are thinking to buy new E-Mount lenses alongwith Sony A9 then we must say not to invest on buying E-Mount lenses because here we are recommending you two astonishing Adapters

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