Canon1DX Mark II, the camera for Rio Olympics by Getty images

Canon-1DX-Mark-IIIt is sure that Photojournalists all around the world must be preparing to hit the world largest sports event- Olympics 2016, which is to begin just after a few days from now. Truly, the Olympic is the great stage for those photographers, especially Photojournalists, to light their hidden creativeness of photography inside them.

Canon 1dx Mark II

Well, Photojournalists are on their way, but what about the Giant photo agency, Getty images? It is headlines that Getty images will be making its way to Rio with cameras and lenses of Million Dollars. Yes, it seems true, the Company has revealed a collection of cameras and lenses that they are keeping with them and will use at Rio Olympics. From the revealed images, it looks like they will mostly use the Canon Equipment, probably more number of Canon 1DX Mark II. However, from the images it’s somehow unclear the exact name of the lens they will basically use to capture the actions of the athletes.


From a little analysis, it’s expected that Getty images will splurge around $200,000 in Camera bodies and more than twice that in lenses in the first photo released by Getty.


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