Canon XC10 vs. Panasonic GH4

Canon XC10 vs. Panasonic GH4 2

Here’re the two cameras Canon XC10 and Panasonic GH4 involved in small battle including all their specifications and however it’s more interesting to see which one is getting victory.

Well, By taking a little view to the above table one can easily know that Panasonic GH4 would be a better results as contrast with Canon XC10 and the only gap if we see then it would be image stabilization. Let’s check all the specs in details.

Major Difference

Canon XC10 vs. Panasonic GH4 Specification Comparison Table.

Canon XC10 vs. Panasonic GH4 3

Megapixel – Without consuming any single doubt it’s right to believe that Panasonic GH4 is better in delivering the images that pleasing one’s senses with employing 16.5 mp of resolution and four third sensor(17.3 x 13mm) on the other the resolution as well as sensor of Canon XC10 are of low quality and cant produce better images than  GH4.

Image stabilisation– The incorporation of Optical image stabilisation in Canon XC10 will help this camera to stabilize the image projected on the sensor before the sensor converts the image into digital information the whereas Panasonic GH4 hasn’t.

AF point– Panasonic GH4 has unique 49 AF points that will be well adjustment in the camera’s lens to acquire more focus on the subject and as a result of which sharp images become necessary while Canon XC10 has only 9 AF points.

ISO– The  25600 ISO range of Panasonic GH4 intelligently freeze the desired subjects moving in a low light situation whereas XC10 has limits upto 20000 only.

Shooting speed– 12 FPS is well enough of Panasonic GH4 that sensually captured each actions of the subjects and promises you to deliver a blur free images however XC10 is not in a competition that has only 3.5fps.

Video– The 4K resolutions of video of Panasonic GH4 can easily be recorded as MOV or MP4 files as well as  offering both 16:9 UHD 4K 3840×2160 video at 23.98p, 24p or 29.97p, and 17:9 DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) 4K 4096×2160 videos at 24p while 4k recording is also possible in Canon XC10 but can capture video at up to 3840 x 2160.

Display– Dual OLED Displays of Panasonic GH4 that’re monitor and live viewfinder. The 3.0″ monitor features a 1,036K-dot resolution and a touchscreen for intuitive control and also offer you a 100% coverage.

Viewfinder-The 100% EVF of Panasonic GH4 helps you to take what the cameras sensor exactly focused on and your view of scene is never distracted but you can’t do it by using Canon XC10.

Verdict – No need to suggest you which camera would be best in which you can spare your precious savings. Obviously Panasonic GH4

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