Canon XC10 vs. Panasonic FZ1000

Canon XC10 vs. Panasonic FZ1000 2

Let’s watch the table that’s been embellished with two cameras Canon XC10 and Panasonic FZ1000 Specifications and we’ll explain it in details in order to go to the depth of the cameras. Both the two cameras featured 4k video

Major Difference

Canon XC10 vs. Panasonic FZ1000 Specification Comparison Table.

Canon XC10 vs. Panasonic FZ1000  3

Megapixel– However, the Panasonic FZ1000 has pretty good resolutions as compared to Canon XC10 but both are bearing with the same sensor but the ultimate images will produce by FZ1000 will quite better.

Optical Zoom– Panasonic FZ1000 can allow you to magnify your images 16 times that makes the focused subjects look more bigger but you can only zoom upto 10 times by using Canon XC10.

Aperture range– More will be the aperture range more light will able to plunge onto the sensor and the outcomes of this will make you independent to use your faster shutter speed as Panasonic FZ1000 has large aperture area that is F2.8-F4.0 while Canon Xc10 has less aperture range.

Image stabilization– The 5 axis image stabilization of  Panasonic FZ1000 will help this camera to automatically analyze camera movement and also provide the better shake correction while shooting.

AF point– 49 AF of this  FZ1000 beautifully capture more focus of the subjects and allowed you to acquire much sharper images but on the other hand  XC10 contains only 9 AF points.

ISO range- The ISO range of FZ1000 is 25600 that doesn’t allow you to upset when you try to freeze the subjects that aimlessly loitering in dark situations whereas XC10 has only 20000 range of ISO.

Shutter speed-  60 sec 1/16000sec with 12fps of Panasonic FZ1000  can superbly capture wide actions of the desired subjects which is really commendable but Canon XC10 is week.

Display– The 3.0″ 921k-dot LCD monitor  of Panasonic FZ1000  be smartly usable to shoot  for lower and higher angles.

Viewfinder– The 100% EVF of Panasonic FZ1000 will allow you to take those subjects which are absolutely focused on camera lens and also provide you to get the depth of the field.

wifi– Built in wifi with NFC can let you smooth and quick transferring of images and videos by connecting to smartphones and tablet while NFC which allows compatible devices to tap to connect.

Verdict-  Based on specification comparison review and price factors we highly recommend you to go with the Panasonic FZ1000 camera.

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