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Canon, Nikon and Sony all are the tough contenders of each other. In other words, they are all truly the leaders of imaging solutions. Where one side Canon and Nikon are the leading DSLR manufacturers of the present time and on the other hand, Sony is touching a new height with their mirrorless cameras. Everytime they try to invigorate their users with newly innovative products. For instance, Nikon coolpix P900 offers massive 83x optical zoom option whereas Canon is the only camera manufacturers to offer hybrid full frame based DSLR camera and Sony established new records with 425 inventive AF points of Sony A6300.

However, Nikon and Canon both are primary manufacturers of DSLR, whereas Sony is the manufacturer of mirrorless cameras and if you are walking with the question in your head about the best one to pick out of these three brands then read our articles patiently.

Practically, there is always a race between Canon and Nikon but Sony is seldom and truly most of the time we stumbled with the question by the public that which one is better Canon or Nikon.

Though, the sound seems really appropriate that even your million dollar camera can’t snap the same like an average camera if you are lacking of basic photography concepts and the art of taking pictures in creative way. Actually, camera doesn’t matter much more but the things that really matter is the Specifications, a camera equipped with, sensor size, for instance, because your camera with bigger sensor size will differentiate the quality or degree of sharpness of the images than the camera having smaller sensor sizes.

Anyway, like so many times before, once again we say that a good camera is not good until it’s attached with an incredible lens. A great lens contributes much more like focal length, aperture and color rendition to produce clear and sharp image and many more.

But in present time, photographers are investing huge over DSLRSs, they are showing much interests shooting with DSLR camera other than any point and shoot camera or other digital cameras. If you also want to select any one among the three then better to wait and take a serious look to the reviews of the DSLR camera, which is being used by any photographers because you just can’t pick any one’s name as the best between Canon and Nikon because their selling performance in the market is matchless and their products are reliably being used by the photographers around the world. But at the same time Olympus and Panasonic are also earning commercial success with Micro four thirds sensors and by giving exceptional specifications too to their users.

Now come to the mirrorless world where Sony is the King.  Of Course, Sony’s innovative technologies openly challenge the DSLRs market. In the price of only one DSLR body you can buy the whole set of any Sony Mirrorless camera.

Here is our best recommended  DSLR cameras so that you can easily determine how good or bad the Nikon and Canon is.

Best Full frame DSLR camera.

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Nikon D5– DSLR like D5 of Nikon is the big reason why professional photographers choose the brand of Nikon despite of all other brands. You all better know D5 as the biggest player of lowlight that provides highest ISO in its class. After all, there is another reason that lets the people to spare their cash on buying this camera is its advance AF module compared to Canon 1DX Mark II. AF sensor module of this Nikon d5 offers superior AF performance with 153 AF points, including 99 cross-type sensors so that any desired subjects moving hastily, the photographers can track the subjects immediately.

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Not to mention, Nikon D5 is glorious DSLR camera, but we don’t know if you have noticed any issue regarding the AF module of this giant camera or not. Let us tell you what those issues that may be the cause of your distress are that the camera is unable to use phase AF module/sensor during Video or live view mode, which is following by another problem that is the 4K video recording limit is 3 minutes only. But these demerits are not visible to the Canon 1Dx MARK ii users. Unlike Nikon D5 the Canon 1Dx Mark II’s hybrid sensor is able to use phase AF module/ sensor during video and live view mode. As well as, the 1DX MARK ii also offers you to record 4k videos upto 30 minutes, which is more than Nikon D5.

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Recently, we asked some professional photographers about their choice in APS-C DSLR camera, they answered Nikon D500 as the best APS-C DSLR and when we asked the reason they replied, D500’s ISO range is best in class and also the advance AF system incorporated the camera really impresses us in exotic way.

Nikon-D500D500 uses the same AF system as D5 does. With 153-point AF array points letting users seamlessly track and lock-onto subjects from the edges of the viewfinder. However, numbers are huge who suggested us Canon 7D mark II because they realized that shooting in the lowlight with 7D mark II is great feeling and they don’t have to struggle much more to take the subjects hidden under dimlight, which is better among all the Canon cameras. Let’s give a look at its Dual pixel CMOS AF sensor of 7D mark II Dual Pixel CMOS AF employs advanced AF sensor technology to achieve dramatically improved AF performance in both video and Live View still imaging modes.

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We have mentioned the name of all these cameras because you just can’t say one (Nikon and Canon) as the best, now you can easily understand what is best.

Though, Sony has no DSLR cameras yet, but it still achieving the milestone with their innovative mirrorless cameras throughout the whole planet. Sony is providing the cameras that are compact, technically excellent yet lower price than the high- end DSLR cameras and these interchangeable lens cameras are getting countless appreciations from the photographers from the corner of the world.

Best full frame mirrorless camera of Sony

Sony A7R II– Sony A7R II is the best full frame camera that every photographer would like to choose if they were ever asked to choose. Obviously, photographers must pick this Sony mirrorless camera all due to its advanced and brilliant AF system that features 399 focal-plane phase-detection AF points with 25 contrast AF points that work together to achieve high-speed response and high tracking performance with a wider range of lenses. The A7R II is also great for snapping the best quality images with 42.4 MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor as well as the camera is also an excellent performer in lowlight that offers an impressive ISO range of 100 to 25600, which  is expandable to ISO 50 to 102400.

Best APS-C mirrorless camera

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Sony A6300- The camera deserves recognition for its incredible 425 phase detection AF points for much quicker and accurate focusing of the subjects. By the way, the camera has some massive specifications but A6300 is a great tool to get your lowlight photography done stunningly.

We have just mentioned the name of Sony cameras to show you how creative Sony is with their mirrorless camera that not only challenging the DSLR market but also leading flawlessly with their innovative technologies.

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