Canon Upcoming Cameras 2018

We have already told you that Canon has almost covered its Major announcements for 2017. Cameras like Canon 77D, Canon SL2 (Canon 200D), Canon 800D were announced this year, but the long term anticipated, Canon 6D Mark II stole the spotlight. Right now Canon has no big announcement in its Roadmap for 2017 and we greatly think Canon must look to elongate its Camera Radar from the beginning of 2018. The are more than a dozen of cameras (DSLRs and Mirrorless, compact etc) to be announced and most of us are speculating roughly that this X particular camera must be announced in this event, but in the end we find we had wrong speculations. So there are only two months away to enter into 2018 and you like us must be eager to see the Roadmap that Canon could strictly follow to accomplish its due announcement.

Canon 7D Mark III

Canon 7D mark II is due for an update for long time and different rumor mills already tossed their speculations, but the best information we know so far is that its successor (Canon 7D Mark III) has sharp probability to arrive in the first half of 2018. Well, talking about the specifications then we must like to see an advanced  20 MP DPAF Sensor and the introduction of 4K 30p in Upcoming 7D Mark III.

Canon 7D Mark III – Our Expectations

Canon 90D

Perhaps Canon 90D is not in head of many photographers in the current time since Canon 80D is doing quite well. But Canon could bring the update to Canon 80D anytime soon, however, no specifications and scheduled time for Canon 90D available on the web. Read Our Expectations with Canon 90D.

Canon EOS 5DSR Mark II

Just one camera to replace Canon 5DS as well as 5DSR! Yes, Canon may soon release Canon EOS 5DS R II with some unparalleled specifications. As per the latest rumor, this Canon 5DS R II could feature 60MP sensor. We are far enough to reach to collect maximum information about its specifications. So far we know is that it has stunning chance be announced in the Q3/Q4 of 2018.

Canon SX70 HS

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

We all know the current Canon SX60 HS for its powerful 65X zooming capability. Well, Canon SX60 HS was announced back in September 2014, means almost three years back, but there is no appropriate news or rumors about its successor, Canon SX70 HS announcement excluding our expectations. CES as well as CP+ shows, NAB show as well are over still the sources and tipsters are silent. It means we need to expand our waiting from now to get any confirmed information.

To be true, Canon intentionally ignores to get itself back into this race since nothing big clue and information we have so far in our bag. But Nikon can stun Canon with the announcement of 125X optical zoom camera to remain the King of Megazoom world.

Canon 1DX Mark III

It will remain be Canon’s Flagship camera that must come with some of the outstanding specifications that makes it a Gigantic competitor in Market. Here are the specification that we anticipate Canon 1DX Mark III should come with:

  • 24 MP (DPAF) Next Generation sensor for unprecedented quality of images.
  • 20-24fps (global shutter) (if comes than will game changer camera in the sports photography)
  • 4K @60fps (Canon log support)

These are the specifications up to now we deeply anticipated about, but if we get any sound that mismatches our listed specs we will modify it soon.

We are hoping to see something at Photokina in 2018. If not its announcement then atleast development announcement.

Canon Mirrorless Camera

Right now we know that Canon has three new Full-Frame Mirrorless cameras on different development stage. But you should know that the upcoming Canon Full-Frame mirrorless camera could hire sensor from either Canon 5D Mark IV or Canon 6D Mark II. And Photokina in the next year looks the stand out platform to be hosted the new Mirrorless camera from Canon. We know that Canon lovers must want to know maximum things about this mysterious Canon Mirrorless camera, which we don’t have as of now, but greatly hope that it would be competent enough to face Sony’s challenges, which are incredibly encroaching Mirrorless Market with their unobtrusive Cameras.

Nikon Upcoming cameras 2018

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