Canon Unleashed High ISO Monster – ISO Rating Crossed 4,00,000 Mark

Canon has announced its ME20F-SH multi-purpose camera in a black cube shape with the ability to capture Full HD color video in near-darkness.

What’s new in the  ME20F-SH camera’s design?  A 2.26 megapixel CMOS sensor contains pixel measuring 19μm – 5.5X that is more than what we generally see in the high end DSLR, the implementation of this fabulous sensor will dramatically captured the 1080/60p/30p/24p (and PAL equivalent) video in low light levels at a maximum gain setting of 75 Db, which is equivalent to over ISO 4,000,000. The Canon Log and Wide DR modes for capturing a wide dynamic range.


The locking mechanism and autofocus support available with the ME20F-SH supports EF and EF-S lenses, neutral density and IR cut filters and could be disabled if desire.

The multipurpose ME20F-SH camera featured 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI ports and both a 2.5mm mini-jack and an 8-pin RS-422 port for using Canon’s remote controls and a 3.5mm jack for a stereo mic as well as GENLOCK port for synchronizing multiple video sources. A microSD slot is used only for firmware updates.

Looking at the camera’s features one could say that the camera has been very good purpose for the film makers for its miraculous ISO range, the camera could also be useful in production environments such as reality TV or for documentary filmmaking in low light. You have to use $30,000 from your savings to purchase this camera coming in December.

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