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Is Canon willingly taking itself apart from the High Optical Zoom race? This question looks much fair and relevant since Canon’s only camera with leading 65X zoom lens Canon SX60 HS was released back in 2014 is due for a an update and Canon doesn’t look alive and spontaneous to work further to bring a powershot camera with High Optical zoom lens. Meanwhile, different rumor mills have tossed their expectations on its arrival quite innumerable times but eventually they are all vaporized. When Canon announced SX60 HS three summers back, was the leading optical zoom camera until Nikon released Nikon Coolpix P900 with massive 83X optical zoom, which is still holding the record of highest zoom in any camera. Recently rumor news almost confirmed that the update to P900 will soon come into existence as it is under development stage that may feature Gargantuan 125X optical zoom.

Canon has already filed a Patent for 100X optical zoom that we greatly expect is designed for SX60 HS successor, but still we have no hard information on this. However, at the same time if Nikon released a Zoom camera with 125X then what about Canon…Will they out edge this Nikon’s zoom range or keep their range restricted around 100X, would be great to see?

Have a look at the time frame of Canon mega zoom SX models announcement!

Source – Wikipedia

Looking at the above table we could expect the fair announcement time of SX60 HS successor was in 2016, but 2016 is over and 2017 is also in Q4 and we haven’t seen any big indication of SX70 HS (SX60 HS expected successor name) arrival anytime soon. But at the same time we are deeply skeptical about its name because some talk that if it features 100X optical zoom then its name might revolve around Canon SX100 HS or something else.

Moreover, We have been seeing that the owners of SX60 HS are switching to either Nikon or Sony RX10 series for seeking large zoom solution.

Hence, in the end we must say loudly that Canon has to do some ultra fast work to announce mega zoom camera if they want to get themselves back into the race.

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