Canon SX70 HS coming on Q4 OF 2016?


From the last couple of months we are hardly hearing anything about Canon SX70 HS, where the camera is upto,

As we are expecting this SX70 HS  to be the replacement camera of current Canon SX 60HS. Well, the SX 60HS camera is best known for its 65X optical zoom lens and camera earned breathtaking success throughout the world. According the previous rumors, the SX70 HS was to be announced (expected) on September 2015, but we are constantly active on web, but didn’t see any information neither rumors related to this upcoming camera of Canon.

According to latest timeline and list of Canon announcements we have seen so far, we are expecting Canon SX70 HS announcement in Aug/Sep 2016.

we are expecting the camera will come with 100X optical Zoom lens but at the same time one thing, which is inevitable to ask that will this camera come with the same name that we are expecting (Canon SX 70HS ),

Basically,  the name of the camera depends upon the focal length of the camera, so if, the next version of the canon megazoom camera arrived with 100x optical zoom lens then we are sure that its name will going to be SX100 HS even after using 100X zoom lens? If we run our eyes to the current Zoom cameras available in the market then OUR eyes collided with  Nikon P900, due to its enormous zoom range and with 83x Optical zoom has saved its crown of becoming the highest zoom camera of the world.

However, we have tossed our expectations several times about this SX70 HS but unable to get any confirmed information. Probably, looking at the current time the photographers who have been waiting for this camera could expect the announcement at any point of 2016. But there are two events in the beginning months of the year 2016 like CES show, CP+ show, where Canon may introduce this long waited camera.

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7 comments to Canon SX70 HS coming on Q4 OF 2016?

  • Irwin Goldzweig

    What’s the rumor about sensor size in the 100X zoom Canon?

  • Cassius Greydon

    The sensor size would be expected to be the same 1/2.3 inch CMOS type as used in the ultra long lens Canon SX50, Canon SX60, and Nikon P900.

    The concept of such extremely long lenses rests in the use of a very small sensor. You could possibly utilize a larger sensor if you were okay with a camera that was about the size and weight of the gun barrel on a tank, with a price to match. A concrete base for its required tripod would also be used.

    Their miniature sensors are in fact the key components allowing ultra-long zoom and telephoto on lightweight cameras that don’t cost a few hundred thousand dollars. If you were to increase the sensor size, you would have to decrease the telephoto reach. That’s why companies such as Canon and Nikon go with larger sensors on cameras with less telephoto.

    It is no mistake. The 1/2.3 inch sensor is the state of the art sensor that physically enables the longest lenses; in that regard these tiny sensors are the very best (as in “only possible”) for this technology.

    There are some excellent tires made for racing cars, but you may notice racing cyclists don’t use them. They use bicycle tires. That is not because cyclists are stupid, or because their bicycles are sold with inadequate tires. It is because Ferrari racing car tires don’t work very well on bicycles. The popular misinformation about small sensors is analogous to that kind of failure to grasp the concept.

  • I hope they improve other aspects of the camera, position of switches and buttons, filter thread included. Megazoom is not that important as the clarity is too poor at the telephoto end. My SX60 is still working but not as well as new.

  • Peter Bow

    The capacity of battery is very important. I hope 1800 mA should be satisfied.

  • Deon

    Its September 2016 and no news about the sx70 when is the dew date now

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