Canon SX70 HS coming in September, 2016?

Canon-SX60hsThe very first answer consumers are willing to know when Canon will announce its Megazoom SX70HS camera that is constantly floating over the rumor pools. Before begin this year, it was expected that this zoom camera of Canon would be announced either at Cp+ or CES show, but both the two events are over and now the big event infront of us is Photokina Show, which is to be held in September of this very year. So, what we expect now is that Canon may introduce this camera at the Photokina event.

Actually, Canon SX60HS came in September 2014, with 65X optical zoom range and now the users are on wait for its update since two years are almost going to over. Fairly speaking, we are unable to read the Canon’s policy on SX70HS announcement, which is due from 2015. However, it’s rumored that Canon will integrate 70X optical zoom capacity on SX70HS camera, but at the same we are also sure if Canon bring this 70X camera on market, then it will be their great failure; since its bigger rival Nikon already have 83X zoom camera in their Arsenal that is Nikon Coolpix P900. In other words, we can say that Canon will totally be pushed away from the zoom cameras’ racing track. Moreover, according to our calculation that Nikon will not bring update to the Nikon P900 in the coming days, when they have no competitors in the market.

We already have patents for Nikon and Canon as well for 100X zoom camera that at a time show that Canon will announce 80X plus zoom camera may be in September or afterwards.

Canon patent  Canon 100X zoom patent

Nikon 100X optical zoom

Nikon 100X zoom Patent

 So, we are eagerly waiting for the canon announcement for 80X plus camera that will again heat up the Megazoom market and also allow Nikon to present the better camera than P900 among us.

Update– We have to know why Canon is ignoring the Megazoom Canon SX70 HS camera since the rumored time of announcement (September) has already been passed. But, we can still expect that Canon will announce the camera either at the end of 2016 and in the Q4 of 2017. So hold your wait and let Canon come with the Gigantic zoom camera.

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