Canon lenses perform even better in Sony A9 than in any Canon Camera

Almost everybody got to know why Sony A9 is the beast? Mostly because of its large and innovative 693 AF Points and a few more cutting edge specs. Ok, now in a recent interview with Cameta Camera, a Sony representative revealed some exciting information.

According to him, the ISO performance of Sony A9 is very much similar to three years older and lesser expensive than Sony A7S. Does this statement create any abnormal twist among the Sony users since we have been continuously calling it from the time it was announced.

Further, One exciting statement he shared that The Canon EF-S lens with the help of adapter are working great in Sony A9 camera as Canon’s own made lenses are not in Canon cameras.

Other details:

  • Almost no reason for mechanical shutter
  • Strobes are currently designed for older technology like mechanical shutter
  • Any still camera overheats… but the a9 will be able to do better than previous cameras
  • It does 4k video almost better than any other camera out there… yet they left out slog and profiles
  • The sensor is so fast that flicker from LED isn’t really an issue so there is almost zero flicker/banding
  • Only lights that are very very slow should be a problem
  • High ISO similar to the a7S mark II (repeated from above)
  • Adapted Canon glass should perform as well or better on the a9 (repeated from above)


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