Canon Rumor – Leaked Image of Strange DSLR (750D?)


By taking a careful view you would come to notice something new. At first it consists a sliding lock switch. It’s equipped with a click wheel and buttons shaped same as  the Canon EOS 70D is, but it is not Canon EOS 70D. The presence of an articulating screen, which is not specified on many Canon DSLRs.

Other aspects resemble the EOS 700D, but it is not the 700D. The strange DSLR has a top display, so it may be a DSLR in the pro or semi-pro league. On the other hand, there is no button on rear sides for auto-focus, that is not helpful for Canon’s pro or semi-pro DSLRs. generally this DLRS has nothing its backsides.


It’s too early for an EOS 80D,  Canon will feature a top display on the Rebel (aka xxxD) series. By watching this one can assume that the EOS 700D/Rebel T5i is expected to appear soon. Finally, there is a possibility by a short inch that this could be the EOS 6D Mark II, predicted after watching articulated screen.

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