Canon G7X vs. Ricoh GR

The Canon PowerShot G7 X features 20.2MP 1″ High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor and DIGIC 6 Image Processor on the other hand Ricoh GR features 16.2MP APS-C Format CMOS Sensor and GR ENGINE V Image Processor, take a look at the Major Specification Below.

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Canon PowerShot G7 X vs. Ricoh GR Specification Comparison Table.

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Canon G7 X Ricoh GR
$699.00 $696.95

Sensor: The Ricoh GR offers a 16.2MP APS-C image sensor which delivers high quality images and videos for processing. On the other hand G7 X offers a20.2MP sensor . As the sensor size of Ricoh GR is bigger, so it will consume more light while creating the image and hence the quality of image will be much better than that of G7 X.

Low-pass filter: The Ricoh GR is designed in such a way that it eliminates the use of Low-Pass filter from the camera sensor, resulting in the production of distortion free images that doesn’t loose its quality after processing or cropping. On the other hand the G7 X has a low pass filter in its body.

Optical zoom: The G7 X has an optical zoom range of 4.2X that allows the photographer to shoot the subjects having a notable distance from the user without taking the camera closer to the subject. Whereas the Ricoh GR has a fixed lens that offers no optical zoom.

Aperture range: G7 X has a better aperture range in comparison to Ricoh GR. The better aperture range allows the user of G7 X to accurately control the amount of lens entering the camera while creating the image. It is mostly used while shooting in different lightning conditions.

Macro: The macro range of G7 X is 5cm which delivers detailed and real life like images of the subjects which are closer to the camera. It offers a better depth of color. Whereas the Ricoh GR offers the macro range of 10cm which delivers better quality images of close objects but its quality is slightly low than G7 X.

Image stabilization: With G7 X we get optical image stabilization system which minimizes the appearance of camera shake while working in tough shooting conditions or in dimly-lit conditions. On the other hand Ricoh GR has no image stabilization system.

Auto focus: Both the cameras offer a contrast detect autofocus system for acquiring fast and accurate focus over the subject. The contrast detect autofocus system is ideal for fine tuning the focused area in order to deliver better images. G7 X offers a total of 31 AF points for fast and accurate focusing whereas, the AF points used by Ricoh GR is not specified by the manufacturer.

ISO: The ISO range of Ricoh GR is much better than that of G7 X. Therefore it is able to create better quality image sin the low lightning situations.

Shutter speed: The shutter speed of Ricoh GR is 30 sec 1/4000 sec while that of G7 X is 15 sec 1/2000 sec. Having a fast shutter speed helps Ricoh GR in taking crisp and clear images of even fastest moving objects.

Top shooting speed: The G7 X can take up to 6.5 shots continuously in a second while Ricoh GR can take 4 shots continuously in a second.

Video: G7 X allows the user to capture full HD 1080p videos at up to 60fps, 720p videos @30fps, 480p videos @30 all in MP4 format. While Ricoh GR captures 1080p videos @30fps, 720p videos at multiple frame rates up to 60fps and 480p videos @30fps.

Canon PowerShot G7 X vs. Ricoh GR  2

Display: G7 X has a 3.0″ 1,040k-Dot Tilting Touchscreen LCD which allows the user to shoot at multiple angles without any difficulty as it can be adjusted to many angles and it offers touch control for fast actions. On the other hand Ricoh GR has a 3.0″ 1,230k-dot LCD Screen for image and video playbacks.

Wi-Fi: G7 X offers WI-FI with NFC which makes it able to connect with any any smartphone based on iOS or Android platform, for wireless image sharing. The linked devices can also control the camera remotely. NFC allows it to connect to any device by just tapping both of them. On the other hand Ricoh GR offers no such connectivity features.

Battery: G7 X can takes 210 shots in one battery cycle whereas Ricoh GR can take 290 shots in one battery cycle.

Dimension: Ricoh GR is larger than G7 X .

Wight: Ricoh GR weighs less than G7 X.

High ISO Test Between Canon G7 X vs. Ricoh GR

Canon PowerShot G7 X vs. Ricoh GR 5Verdict: As we can clearly see that the Ricoh GR is showing more details compared to Canon G7X, Since the Sensor of Ricoh GR is a bigger than the G7X and also the ISO range of Rioch is better, the Canon G7X offers optical zoom and better video modes… at the end we highly recommend you to go with Ricoh GR camera if you prefer image quality,

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