Canon G7X Mark III – Our Expectation


Canon G7X Mark III – Our Expectation

Much more Canon G7X Mark II users who experienced the ease and magical performance of this camera are now waiting to go for a desperate update. But the question is will Canon announce the Canon G7X Mark III (G7X Mark II successor) very soon? Let Canon fix the sweet time according to their roadmap, but we do have some big expectations and wish list that we loudly ask Canon to go for it and bring a camera that fulfill our desires, astonishingly. Anyway, from where should we start? Basically, we will discuss the Major features that Canon G7X Mark II should come with.

As we all know Canon G7X Mark II was announced last year (Feb, 2016) and actually Canon update cycle of their powershot cameras in 1 to 2 years. Thus we expect this camera probably at any point of 2017, if not, then must be in 2018.

Sony Stopped Selling best sensors to others

In the recent development Sony issued a statement that they have stopped selling of their best sensors to other manufacturers, will it go to affect Canon Powershot G-Series?

Now we can call it a little challenge for Canon to develop its own sensor in their production center since Sony have recently refused to sale their best sensors to any third party manufacturer. On the other hand, we were expecting that Canon G7X Mark II would mainly be based on Sony’s ultra popular “RX series” (Sony RX100 V) cameras that means we could see 1” stacked CMOS sensor with DRAM Chip in the anticipated, G7X III, but at the same time we are a bit in dubious state what if Sony really refused to supply sensors to Canon, would Canon use the Hybrid sensor as they traditionally use in all their unprecedented DSLRs? It will be quite interesting to see it later.

4K Videos

New generation’s photographers’ prime demand is splurging their savings on the camera that must allow them record the outstanding 4K video. Until now, Canon haven’t announced any Compact camera that offers 4K video supports. But now Canon G7X Mark III will be announced in the environment when 4K looks to be a default feature in any camera. Hence, why should not we expect the big 4K in the upcoming and the awaited Canon camera?

5-axis Image Stabilization

If Canon implements the innovative 5-axis Image stabilization mechanism inside the core of Canon G7X Mark III then it will be one of the most exciting developments in the new G7X Mark III, which is never before in any other compact cameras from Canon. 5- Axis system provides a shutter speed advantage of 5 steps, ensuring the full resolving power of the sensor can be realized, even in challenging lighting conditions. The most utilization of 5-axis image stabilization is that it can effectively compensate the appearance of uncontrolled camera shakes while shooting, mainly while shooting at slower shutter speed.

Bright lens

We are expecting a bright lens in the upcoming camera atleast one stop better (F1.4 – F2.4) inside the upcoming Canon G7X Mark III camera so that camera can be a wonderful for lowlight shooting conditions.

Finally, being said that, the next G7X series camera may arrive in May/June or end of 2017. Hope G7X II to be announced within 2017.

Thanks for reading. If you also have your expectations do share with us


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