Canon G5X Mark II- Our Expectation

Canon G5X Mark II

As we know Canon G5X was announced on 13th October, 2015, and now everyone is waiting for the announcement of its successor Canon G5X Mark II. Till date, Canon has applied the strategy to update its compact camera in the interval of 1-2 years of its announcement. So it is normal to expect the announcement of the successor Canon G5X Mark II.

Canon G5X Mark II- Our Expectation

Our expectation towards the camera Canon G5X Mark II raised and we have no doubt that it will come with superior specifications compare to its predecessor Canon G5X, which is a pro-compact camera that feature extensive manual controls and EVF.

1.Canon G5X Mark II- Hybrid sensor

We expect that the upcoming Canon G5X Mark II will sport 20.2MP Hybrid CMOS sensor as well it can use DIGIC 7 or DIGIC 8 Image Processor which will support the camera to produce high resolutions images with better quality even in low light conditions with fast processing. Hence, it will make the photographers to get clear and sharper images by improving the speed and processing power of the camera.

2.Canon G5X Mark II- 4K Video

Since, its predecessor comes with Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 60 fps, but we expect 4K video recording from Canon G5X Mark II , which is a common need for the users from today compact cameras.

3.Canon G5X Mark II – 5-axis image stabilization

We expect It will come with advanced 5-axis image stabilization, which will make the users fearless about their unwanted hand-shake and it will provide shake-free images in a wide variety of shooting conditions, and it’s optical system will give the ability to the users to capture the blur-free images, what they visualize and the 5-axis IS will be ideal for shooting in low-light conditions with soft backgrounds.

We also expect Canon G5X Mark II will feature improved built-in high-resolution EVF that will allow the photographers to compose more easily and can track fast moving subjects without facing any problem.

The Canon G5X features a bright f/1.8-2.8 maximum aperture, so we do expect that Canon G5X Mark II will come with bright lens of aperture F1.2-F2.2 for depth of field control and working in difficult lighting conditions.

So have a look on expected core-specifications of the up-coming Canon G5X Mark II.

Canon G5X Mark II wishlist

  • 2MP Hybrid CMOS sensor
  • 4K UHD Video recording
  • 5-axis Image Stabilization
  • Bright Zoom lens of aperture F1.2-F2.2
  • Improved EVF

At last, these are all totally based on our expectation and we expect the upcoming camera will come with almost similar or more improved specifications. Let’s hope so!

There is expectation that the camera Canon G5X Mark II is likely to be announced in Spring 2017.


1 comment to Canon G5X Mark II- Our Expectation

  • gregconquest

    f1.2? Come on. That’s not going to happen. Have any of the other one-inch upgrade models had a remotely faster lens? The lens is going to be almost the same.

    The feature I’d like to see is much improved dust resistance. Put these one-compacts in your bag, dust gets on the lens cover, turn the camera on, the lens cover slides open and the dust is still there, the lens extends creating a vacuum, and whoosh! The dust is sucked into your lens housing, never to come out again.

    How to fix this? 1) Put filter threads on the front of the lens so we can put a protective filter there. Major part of the problem solved. 2) Include a removal button that lets me take the lens assembly off and clean inside if necessary. #2 seems like a stretch, though it could work.#1, though. Come on, canon. I’m not going to pay $700-800 for a camera that is supposed to be a carry-always compact that can’t deal with the dust and lint that collects in our bags.

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