Canon G3X vs. Ricoh GR II

Canon PowerShot G3 X vs. Ricoh GR II 1

We are going to help you through this comparison that which one is the best camera to select between Canon PowerShot G3 X and Ricoh GR II. Though this is a brief comparison but is sufficient to remove your confusion between the two because both the two cameras are closely resembles in most of the cases but still there are some matchless specifications in both the cameras that is making one camera distinctive from other. Let’s discuss what are these matchless specifications.

Major Difference

Canon PowerShot G3 X vs. Ricoh GR II Specification Comparison Table.

Canon PowerShot G3 X vs. Ricoh GR II 3


Megapixel- Strong resolution but weak sensor of Canon G3x is not enough to provide you a sharp and high fidelity images but on the other hand Ricoh GR II using average resolution but its strong sensor can increase your photography craze by delivering you high quality of images with most sharpness.

Low pass filter- Besides of getting marvellous kind of images by using Ricoh GR II one more thing is that you won’t miss to achieve more details of the images because low pass filter is not present in this GR II while Canon G3x  has been employed with low pass filter means the camera will miss to capture the details of the images.

Optical zoom-  Your desire subjects will appear gigantic when you will use the Canon G3x  that will let you to use 25 x zooming capacity but on the other hand you can’t be able to use zooming facility in Ricoh GR II.

Image stabilization- The implementation of optical image stabilization in G3X that compensates in real-time for shaking and vibrating while shooting  or recording videos but this apparatus(OIS) is not incorporated in Ricoh GR II.

AF points- Precise and accurate focus of the subjects can ensure you to provide an eye pleasing images and that is 31 AF points available in Canon G3x but only 9 area focus within the frame in Ricoh GR II which is very less to cover a beautiful pictures.

Shutter speed-  Faster shutter speed in Rioch GR II will be a great serve to eliminate motion blur and you also can creatively use it to convey movement or speed. However, including all these helps one another thing is that you can also enjoy freezing the motion more quickly but Canon G3x is slow shutter speed.

Shooting speed- Canon G3x with 5.9 fps and its combination with thirty one area focus will make a neat and clean images but on the other hand Ricoh GR II used 4fps only that won’t be more succeeded to capture actions of the subjects.

Canon PowerShot G3 X vs. Ricoh GR II 2

Video- Full HD 1080p Video Recording at up to 60 fps by using Canon G3x .Though you can also record full HD through Ricoh GR II but at upto 30 fps.

Display– 3.2″ 1.62M-Dot Tilting Touchscreen LCD that makes your video compositions more clear and sharp and you also can take your own photos from any odd angles by using  Canon G3X

Battery– The powerful battery attached with Ricoh GR II will let you to take more number of shots than Canon G3x .

Verdicts- However both the two cameras are great but we think Ricoh GR II is better by an inch from Canon G3X but we won’t impose ourselves on you, you have your own choice.

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