Canon G17 and Nikon P8000 are Dead ?

We are waiting for the Canon G16 and Nikon P7800 successor but we haven’t got any details from a long time, these big sensor compacts with 1/1.7 inch sensor looks completely outdated in-front of Sony RX100 series camera, so big question is Will Nikon and Canon ready to announce next 1/1.7 inch sensor based compact camera in near future or will they completely change the road-map of upcoming pro COMPACT cameras…

up-scaling market competition –  Sony is continuously involved on upscaling the market competition with the latest technology and beating out old Players of the market, if you see the current price tag of all four gen of RX100 series camera you will be surprised… the first Gen of RX100 camera with 1″ sensor is available at $448 only… at the rime of announcement the price was $649.



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Canon changed its strategy
Canon G1X with 1.5 inch sensor was only the big sensor camera in Canon’s bag, but to remain in the competition they quickly changed there strategy and even the basic principle of the company, In an interview they Canon representatives confirmed that from now they will buy Sensor from different manufacturers, as a result first time they have purchased (large) 1″ inch Sensor from Sony, the same sensor that Sony developed for its RX100 M3 compact camera… Canon used that same sensor inside Canon G7X and G3X camera…

At the end looking above I Personally feel that Canon pro-compact camera family is now complete and now they actually don’t need cameras like Canon G16 or S200.

Not all options are Blocked – If Nikon announces a successor Nikon P7800 than Canon will sure hit the current market with Canon G17.

Nikon-1-inch-compact-imgNikon in Dilemma – Nikonian’s are bit confused, Since they already have 1″ sensor based mirrorless, So what is the actual need of compact camera ?.. The argument look bit valid to me Since Nikon 1 inch sensor camera based system with retractable zoom lens available at $496 only, Will you buy a system camera or a compact 1″ camera ?


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