Canon Full Frame Mirrorless coming soon


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We have the latest information that Canon filed a new patent that refers to an adapter for full frame mirrorless cameras and it appears that it is designed to lessen the production of flare when EF-S lenses is used with full frame sensor and also it seems that there is a switch on the adapter which follows between EF and EF-S lenses.

Till date there is no any indication from Canon about the planning of manufacturing full frame mirrorless camera but we believe canon will surely think once seriously about making the full frame mirrorless camera and this patent will definitely help it to remind in coming days.

Hence the patent points towards the occurrence of something new in near future. Let’s hope so!


Patent: (Translated by Google)


Patent Publication No. 2015-118208

Published 2015.6.25

Filing date 2013.12.18

Canon patents

Flange back is shorter body

Flange back is long, a lens having the same image circle as the image pickup device body

Flange back is long, a lens with a smaller image circle than the image pickup device body

Mount adapter to change the diameter of the flare cut stop, depending on the image circle of mounting the lens


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