Canon EOS-A1 to Record 4K Videos

Canon EOS-A1 Rumored specification surfaced over the web via chinese website xite, take a look at the translated text below

EOS-A1 exposure ahead of key parameters: ·
body positioning than three anti-1D X magnesium alloy body ·
36.8 million pixels ·
61 pairs of focus Dual DIGIC6 image processor ·
Dual Pixel CMOS AF ·
Still Image mode under native ISO50 ·
In video mode can record 30fps 4K Video ·
8bit 4:2:2 lossless output · ALL-I and IPB two file compression ·
Built-in Wi -Fi module ·
3.2 “approximately 1.04 million capacitive touch screen ·
price is expected to more than $ 8,000

1 comment to Canon EOS-A1 to Record 4K Videos

  • GBarone

    I have no faith in Canon ! Simply put they will not innovate like Red and Blackmagic Design, just try and squeeze every penny from customers by crippling features. If they were serious they would make this camera capable of recording 4K 10bit 4:2:2 (internally) in all i frames with rates up to 50/60fps.
    They would also include quality onboard Audio recording and pre-amps, including timecode and wireless features,
    with HDMI & SDI ports and easy to access function buttons and controls like the GH4.
    No instead they will drip feed old technology in the hope that others follow.
    They haven’t yet realised that this ship has sailed and customers are wise to them. The new GH4 and lower priced 4K Cameras to be released at NAB 2014 will shake them up again.
    Instead of announcing they will upgrade all their camera specs (across the entire cinema line) they will try and protect their huge profits and only offer 8bit recording (probably externally via yet another recorder)
    If they bite the bullet and announced a complete overhaul they might survive, but I don’t see this happening.

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