Canon EOS 5DS R vs. Nikon D810

Canon EOS 5DS R vs. Nikon D810 2 (2)Here we will see the specification of two renowned cameras that is Canon EOS 5DS R and Nikon D810. That how Nikon D810 and Canon EOS 5DS R becomes competitor and in which respect one camera is better than other camera. Now we are going to discuss one by one in detailed manner which is mentioned below:

Major Difference

Canon EOS 5DS R vs. Nikon D810 Specification Comparison Table.  

Canon EOS 5DS R vs. Nikon D810 3
The sensor size of both cameras are equal . Canon EOS 5DS R features with 51 mega pixels whereas Nikon D810 is limited to 36.3 mega pixel. So if you need more resolution.. Canon 5DS R is the ultimate camera for you.

AF points:
Autofocus points of camera faithfully track the subject. The Canon EOS 5DS R has 61 AF points up to 41 cross-type AF points (sams as of the 1DX camera) that makes fast and precise focus possible whereas Nikon D810 features with 51 AF points.

ISO range:
The ISO range of Canon EOS 5DS R starts from 50 and restricted to 12800 whereas Nikon D810 starts from 32 and goes to 51200, so more will be the ISO easy to freeze the subjects that is moving in low light conditions so Nikon D810 would be the best.

Rest all the core specification of both the camera is almost same.

By charging battery for single time you can shoot 1200 images with Nikon D810 whereas you capture 700 images with Canon EOS 5DS R. So Nikon D810 is superior to Canon EOS 5DS R in this respect.

Canon EOS 5DS R vs. Nikon D810 2 (1)
There is differences of 50g exists in both the cameras. The weight of Nikon D810 has 980 gram whereas the weight of Canon EOS 5DS R is only 930 gram. So you can easily carry Canon EOS 5DS R very easily.

High ISO Test Between Canon EOS 5DS R vs. Nikon D810

Canon EOS 5DS R vs. Nikon D810 5
Image Analysis: No doubut that the Canon 5DSR showing more details compared to the Nikon D810 camera.

Verdict: We highly recommend you to go with the Canon 5DS  R camera since you get more reslotion an class leading AF system same as of the Canon 1DX camera… the Canon 5DS R raises the competition bar and touches a new limit to Medium format camera.
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