Canon 80D vs. Canon 7D Mark II: High ISO test


So far, Canon 80D and Canon 7D Mark II are very popular cameras among the photographers and the two cameras of Canon are also tough contenders to each other. Well, to say 7D Mark II is advanced camera, but if we take these two cameras for practical use, we may have to face deeply skeptical to say one camera is better than other. Still, Canon 7D Mark II is advanced in AF system with 65 AF points, whereas Canon 80D has only 45 AF points and a few more…

Here you can see how both cameras performs in lowlight with highest ISO

Images at ISO 6400
Canon 80D vs. Canon 7D Mark II                                                               Canon 80D                                Canon 7D Mark II

Though the image snapped by Canon 80D produces a little more noise than Canon 7D mark II at ISO level 6400, but the camera still captures fair details of the subjects. However, You can see from the above that the Image snapped by 7D Mark II looks pretty clear than 80D even at ISO 6400.

Images at ISO 25600

Canon 80D vs. Canon 7D Mark II iso 25600                                          Canon 80D                                                              Canon 7D Mark II

The photographers who use Canon 80D for lowlight photography must not be happy since the camera fails to capture the rich details of the subjects and the most unwelcome part is its noise, which is everywhere in the images in maximum amount compared to 7D Mark II. On the other hand, 7D mark II does also have noise, but the best thing is it still retains the details that is why the images still look attractive at the ISO 25600.

Click here to see the specifications comparison of  Canon 80D and Canon 7D Mark II.

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