Canon 800D / T7i – Reviews and recommendations

Canon T7i

Canon T7i or Canon 800D is highly capable to produce super sharp and high resolution images plus its AF system is simply excellent that features incredible ” Dual Pixel CMOS AF system”. It also gives you Full HD recording at 60fps.

Here we have a list of the comparisons with all its possible competitors exist around. Give a look to the comparisons table.

Camera Comparisons

Canon 750D

Verdict – Canon 800D is the phenomenal camera that boasts solid AF system, image sensor plus the video part is also outstanding. we must recommend you to go for 800D.

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Canon 80D

Verdict – Looking at the specs of these two cameras one thing seems very clear that the photographers who don’t want to extend their budget can be rest assured with Canon T7i ( Reasons we discussed above), but the photographers who still demands some additional features and moreover the weather sealed body should pick the Canon 80D.

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Canon 7D Mark II

Verdict – Frankly speaking, at an attainable price you are getting the best AF system camera, Canon 800D and the camera that can snap high quality of images as well. But 7D Mark II is an indigenous camera that gives you much more than you expect. Best AF system, faster shutter speed, continuous shooting speed and many more.

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 Canon 77D

 Verdict – But one advantage of buying 800D/T7i is that it is lesser expensive than Canon 77D, but 77D with its kit lens give you maximum telephoto reach of around 210mm, whereas Canon 800D offers you 88mm only with its kit lens etc.

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 Nikon D5600

 Verdict – Nikon D5600 is very nice choice for the entry-level shooters that gives you some of the unexpected specs to suit all your requirements during shooting and its price level is also lower than that of Canon 800D. But if you want to step a little further than the entry-level then Canon 800D is just astounding camera that gives you incredible shooting experience.

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Pentax KP

Verdict – The price of Pentax KP is higher than that of Canon 800D, but looking at the specs it really worth. But Canon 800D is great camera that gives you “Dual Pixel CMOS AF system” at this price and overall features are also not objectionable. You decide yourself.

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