Canon 7D Mark II vs. Nikon D7200

Canon EOS 7D Mark II vs. Nikon D7200 1There is some specification listed below of these two renowned cameras such as Canon 7D Mark II and Nikon D7200 which makes one of them unique in terms of Sensor, ISO range, AF system and so on.

Major Difference

Canon EOS 7D Mark II vs. Nikon D7200 Specification Comparison Table.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II vs. Nikon D7200 3
Sensor: Nikon D7200 advanced 24 megapixels APS-C sensor comes without low-pass hence it will produce super sharp images when viewed at 100%,  Canon 7D Mark II features 20.2 mega pixels Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor but it does have optical optical low pass filter above it… . so at the end we do hope that Nikon D7200 will producw better image quality than Canon 7D Mark II.

ISO range: ISO range gets restricted to 51200 in Canon 7D Mark II but Nikon D7200 ISO range can be boosted up to 102400. So again in terms low-light sensitivity the Sensor of Nikon D7200 looks more advance.

AF system:

  • The first difference we notice is the AF points of the camera, the Canon 7D Mark II features more AF points compared to the Nikon D7200 (65 vs 51), the other most important part of the specification is the 7D Mark II comes with advance Dual-Pixel CMOS AF sensor, the Dual-Pixel CMOS AF technology enables phase detect AF system on chip.. that helps you to get blazing fast AF speed weather you are using viewfinder, live-view display or recording a video.
  • The Nikon D7200 features traditional CMOS sensor, hence the phase AF system is active only when you are using the viewfinder other-wise the while using the display or recording videos the contrast detect system is activated.

Top continuous shooting speed: Cameras capable of high continuous shooting rates are much desired when subjects is in motion. Canon 7D Mark II has 10 fps whereas Nikon D7200 has 6 fps. So in this case Canon 7D Mark II gives competition to Nikon D7200

Wi-Fi: Nikon D810 comes with Wi-Fi and NFC in built feature so user transfer image to computer from server easily which is not possible in case of Canon 7D Mark II camera.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II vs. Nikon D7200 2

Display: There is little bit difference in case of display unit of both cameras. Both cameras have rear screen LCD. Canon 7D Mark II comes with 3″ rear screen whereas Nikon D 7200 approaches with 3.2″ rear screen.

Battery: The battery life of canon EOS 7D Mark II is short as compared to Nikon D 7200. We capture 670 shots through Canon EOS 7D Mark II but here Nikon D7200 captures image approx 1110 shots. So at end we conclude Nikon D7200 rule the market in this respect.

Weight: Nikon D7200 is light weight as compared to Canon 7D Mark II. The weight of Nikon D7200 is 675 gram whereas Canon 7D mark II is somewhere around 900 gram and so we can conclude that Nikon D7200 is very easy to carry.

Judgment: The Canon 7D Mark II gives you blazing Fast AF speed by the help of Canon’s Dual-Pixel CMOS AF technology, the continuous shooting speed of Canon 7D Mark II is 10 fps at full resolution on the other hand the Nikon D7200 may give you bit better image quality due to the absence of Low-Pass filter and bit more ISO range. So at the end the decision is finally yours…

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