Canon 7D Mark III – Our Expectations

“Will the upcoming camera be 4K enabled?”  You may have noticed is probably the most trending question on the web of recent times. Is the anticipated 7D Mark III coming with 4K or will remain limited to Full HD? Is absolutely a fair question since the newly announced 6D Mark II – A Full frame camera that comes in $2K range doesn’t offer 4K, letting a lot of users re-think if Canon goes to do the same thing with Canon 7D Mark III as 6D Mark II. At the moment we can’t confidently say either of no or yes! If you believe, there are so many photographers who kept on waiting for long time to get their hands on new 6D Mark II because most of the rumors speculated that 6D Mark II would be 4K enable, but eventually it remained restricted to 1080p@60fps.

So, what is your thought about Canon 7D Mark III? Do you have any wish list regarding the specs and price of Canon 7D Mark III? Excitingly, Canon 7D Mark III is rumored to be announced in the Q2 of 2018 with 4K (something that every photographer wants in their camera). Q2 is too late and rumors keep circulating, but we have some big expectations with this upcoming Canon’s APS-C, 7D Mark III, which we decided to share with you so that in this way we could also get to know your thoughts and expectations regarding Canon 7D Mark III.

Sensor – Advanced 20 MP DPAF Sensor

Many of you may not agree with this expectation related to type of sensor Canon 7D Mark III is going to feature? But we expect Canon would implement the same 20 million effective pixels but there would be a difference in the sensor as they could implement an Advanced 20 MP DPAF Sensor. (What yours?)

Digic 8

Most of the Canon cameras now come with Digic 7 Image Processing Engine. It is going to be released in 2018. So it is inevitable to expect Digic 8 image processing engine. If it comes with Digic 8 then imagine the quality of the images means this camera will produced defined image quality even in the lowlights. (What yours?)

Video – 4K 60p / FullHD 120p

It looks like the rumor got a green signal that Canon 7D Mark III would be a 4K camera that can record 3840 x 2160p @60fps to compete with the current Panasonic GH5. Further, Full HD video @120fps would be a magical experience in shooting. Hope Canon would listen to us.

100+ Point All Cross-Type Phase-Detect AF

Will 7D Mark II be a new bomb to be dropped by Canon in terms of AF system? Dual Pixel AF system is Canon’s own proprietary and now is permanent in Canon’s recent systems. So Canon won’t change the AF system but we do greatly believe there must be a jump in the AF points. Previously, Canon 7D Mark II yields 65 AF points but we expect 100+ AF points in the upcoming Canon 7D Mark III.


Standard ISO must be 51200. Canon may make it Low light shooting camera but for flexible lowlight shooting ISO 51200 is heavily enough.

Continuous shooting drive

12 fps is the exact number of continuous shooting as we greatly speculate. So that the action of the fast moving subjects will be excellently captured by Canon 7D Mark III.

That’s all we desperately want to see in the upcoming Canon 7D Mark III. If you also have some expectations please share…

Thank you

1 comment to Canon 7D Mark III – Our Expectations

  • Charles Hanlon

    I would like to see any anti aliasing filter removed from the 7D MK III. Anti aliasing filters cause a 15% – 25% loss of sharpness and resolution. Moire should be a non issue. A 7D MK III must not be saddled either with an anti aliasing filter or with an outdated 4K codec. The 5D MK IV is a big disappointment, the 6D MK II an abomination. I am playing an impatient wait and see game with Canon while buying deeply into Fujifilm. If Canon fails with the 7D MK III, then I will terminate my relationship with Canon products.
    The 5D SR is a darn fine product despite being somewhat aged but is not for everyone. For me it’s fine, but I wonder how Canon may handicap its possible successor given Canon’s current track record. Canon, your time is running out thanks to your self imposed idiocy.

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