Canon 77D Review and Recommendation

Canon 77D

Canon 77D a newly announced DSLR camera that packs outstanding specs to fulfill the wish list of many photographers who demands the quality features in a camera. Canon 77D comes with “Dual Pixel CMOS AF system”, which is Canon’s own proprietary and the world’s widest AF coverage that track the subjects as quick as 0.03 sec only. Moreover, at the heart of the camera a 24 MP sensor has been implemented to deliver you super sharp and stunning images. There are lot more features Canon 77D carries that gains wonderful ratings, but there are a few cameras in its range that secretly outperforms Canon 77D. Here is the list that contains all the possible competitors of Canon 77D.

Canon 77D Comparisons

Cameras Comparison

Canon 80D

 Verdict– Honestly, the photographers who are not intended to stretch their savings but still require a marvelous camera then don’t look further, put you cash on Canon 77D. But if, they still want a pioneer camera with incredible specs go for Canon 80D.

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Nikon D5600

 Verdict– We must recommend you to go with Canon 77D since the camera has Faster AF system (DPAF) as a result super video work will be easily done,  Superior Lowlight performance etc. On the other hand, Nikon D5600 has been a great entry-level camera that features solid specifications at the price.

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Canon 7D Mark II

 Verdict-Canon 77D is outstanding camera that features some of the best and top class specifications inside the core, but 7D Mark II is just superior camera that gives you best AF performance, faster shutter speed, maximum number of frame rates and most advantageous weather sealed body make it one and only choice For you. But at the reachable price you can enjoy some of the best specifications in 77D, while you have to splurge little extra on 7D Mark II to consume their extraordinary features.

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Nikon D7200

Verdict-Except the AF system, Canon 77D is lagging behind Nikon D7200 in almost all major cases, but still we will say at the price Canon 77D will be an outstanding choice. After all, Nikon D7200 is a package full of fabulous specs and moreover Nikon D7200 is weather sealed body, which is water and Dust resistant.

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Canon 70D

Verdict– I think the price of both these cameras are same, but Canon 77D has been the newly announced camera, whereas Canon 70 has been in the stock for more than four years. Hence the new camera will give you some latest features and as you saw in this comparison that Canon 77D has excellent AF system (Both have dual pixel AF), but 45-AF points, plus offers you Full HD at 60 fps, advanced Image processor etc. So we must recommend you to buy Canon 77D.

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Canon 6D

Verdict-Canon 77D is solid option for the photographers who want an all-round like camera that also comes at an attainable price. But Canon 6D is great camera for image quality that gives you outstanding result in lowlight area plus the camera is weather sealed body. Now decision is yours.

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