Best Tripods for Canon 6D Mark II

Canon 6D Mark II

What are best tripods we can buy for Canon 6D Mark II?

You can get the answer of this question in this article since we have made a list of some of the great tripods to be used stunningly with Canon 6D Mark II. In general, Tripods play very crucial role in photography which works is to keep the camera steady in any condition so that the photographers can get exceptionally sharp images and videos while blur are usually occurs shooting handheld. Though other thing as well as best part of Canon 6D Mark II is that it implements 5-axis I.S for video sections that give you crisp and Blur free videos.

Now let’s see some of the best tripods we have for Canon 6D mark II.

Manfrotto BeFree Compact Travel Aluminum Alloy Tripod



Manfrotto BeFree Compact Travel Aluminum Alloy Tripod greatly controls the camera shakes to give you crisp and blur free results. This solid tripod will be easily packed inside your backpack that you can easily carry it to your desire place. Manfrotto is compact tripod that extends to 56.7″, supports 8.8 lb, and folds up to only 15.75″. The tripod with head can handle a payload of 4Kg, providing you with more accurate shots on set. It will be proved adequate for Canon 6D Mark II and smaller lenses like 24mm f1.8; 58mm; 105mm and 180mm.

MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod Kit (Titanium)

The tripod is sturdy, compact tripod that extends to 64.2″, supports up to 26.4 lb, and folds down to just over 16″. MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Weighs 3.7 lb but has got the efficiency to carry up to 26.4 lb, which means heavy DSLR and up to a 70-200 f/4 lens, steady can be supported comfortably. The MeFoto GlobeTrotter has 5 leg sections and extends to over 5.0′ so that it can carry even the heavy DSLRs and Canon 6D Mark II will be easily fitted . The compact travel tripod also turns into a full size monopod without the use of any tools. Individual locking knobs make adjustments easy etc.

Oben ACM-2400 4-Section Aluminum Monopod

You know tripod requires space so you can’t use it in the crowd place. In that cases, a monopod helps you a lot and lets you incredible shooting even in the place full of crowds. The tripod doesn’t cost you much more but very effective and at only 1.65 lb, this is quite a robust piece of gear. It bears up to 26.5 lb that can keep your Canon 6D Mark II with battery grip and lens very steady and secured. The ACM-2400 is composed of anodized aluminum to ensure its durability. Since lip locks of the ACM-2400 are adjustable so that you can use the Allen key implemented in the tripod to tighten them if they expand and loosen slightly due to normal wear & tear. You can also attach a head to the monopod’s reversible 3/8″-16 & 1/4″-20 mounting screw for fine control over camera orientation.

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