Canon 1300D vs Sony A58: High ISO Test

Have a look at the ISO test of Canon 1300D and Sony A58. Though Canon 1300D is an entry-level camera, but its overall specs are surely incredible. On the other hand, Sony A58 is a APS-C mirrorless camera employs sturdy specs, but this cameras’s ISO performance is surprisingly impressive. Let see the details…

Canon 1300D vs Sony A58 ISO

Canon 1300D                                                                             Sony A58

Canon 1300D vs Sony A58 12800

Canon 1300D                                                                 Sony A58

The users of Sony A58 will shout the loudest just after looking the images produced at the ISO level of 6400. Well, just see the images the amount of noise is more in the image snapped by Canon 1300D compared to Sony A58 at same ISO level. So, one thing is pretty clear that Canon’s lowlight performance is losing its balance. In other words, Canon 1300D is failed to show its desire performance at the daunting situation of lowlight where Sony A-Mount camera is scoring more number of grades due to its excellent lowlight performance.

Noise is still not a big issue even at ISO 12800 for Sony A58. Yes, look at the images; noise is all around in Canon 1300D image, but Sony managed their noise level and the camera is also providing us  fair details of the subjects.

Of course, Sony A58 is the camera that is nice solution for lowlight photography.

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